When you hit the road for a camping or overlanding adventure, you want a trailer that gives you reliable performance, impeccable build quality, and amenities that make your adventures more comfortable…

After all, why rough it when you can rough it in style?!

The Escapod TOPO 2 is precisely the trailer that can help you get way off-grid and live in the lap of luxury all at the same time. In this guide, we’ll introduce you to this awesome line of trailers and highlight some of the best features Escapod has cooked up!

Escapod TOPO 2 Construction

One of the most unique features of the Escapod TOPO 2 is the way it’s constructed. For starters, it has a single-piece composite fiberglass body. Not only is this type of construction incredibly durable, but it also results in a trailer that looks like a million bucks!

Inside the fiberglass body is a PET core that’s made from recycled milk cartons. This environmentally-friendly approach to construction also ensures the trailer’s shell is stiff and able to withstand the rigors of on-road and off-road travel. Moreover, fiberglass isn’t susceptible to mold and rot, so there is no worry about those issues.

The trailer’s shell isn’t the only impressive feature of its construction, though. The frame it sits on is made from laser-cut 2x1-inch tube steel. That steel is then hot-dip galvanized for supreme durability and resistance to the elements. The combination of this frame and the fiberglass shell means you will get years and years and years of service from your TOPO 2.

Off-Roading With the Escapod TOPO 2

Escapod wasn’t fooling around when it developed the off-roading capabilities of this trailer…

For example, the trailer rides on a proprietary shock-in-spring Freeride Suspension System that offers up to five inches of independent travel per side. This system was inspired by the suspension of mountain bikes, so it allows the suspension to flex as needed to keep the trailer’s tires planted firmly on the ground.

Speaking of tires, the Escapod TOPO 2 comes standard with General Grabber AT/X Tires and 16-inch Vision 355 Manx 2 overland wheels. The wheels are heavy-duty, to say the least, and offer long-term functionality and durability, even for difficult off-road travel.

Likewise, the all-terrain tires give the trailer excellent traction in varying conditions and terrain, from a rainy roadway to a rocky Jeep trail. The combination of the Freeride Suspension, General Grabber Tires, and Vision wheels makes for an ideal way to tow this 2,000-pound trailer on the freeway, remote trails in the woods, and points in between.

The Mechanicals of the Escapod TOPO 2 are Next Level

While some teardrop trailers are little more than a box on wheels, the Escapod TOPO 2 offers all sorts of amenities and features that make it a comfortable and functional trailer for your needs. This is particularly evident in the trailer’s mechanical systems.

For example, the TOPO 2 comes with a 100ah VPR 4EVER lithium battery paired with a 140-watt solar panel to ensure a virtually unlimited power source. The battery offers juice to power the trailer’s various systems, while the solar panel - which comes with a 12-foot extension cord - enables you to recharge the battery no matter where you are.

The Escapod TOPO 2 is also equipped with LED lighting that runs off the battery system. The LEDs are dimmable, too, so you can crank them up when you’re looking for specific gear and tone them down when it’s time to get ready for bed. There are even ground lights under both entry doors and porch lights on either side of the trailer so you can light up your campsite as you see fit.

Climate control is an important component of the TOPO 2 as well. On the one hand, you get a four-speed MaxxAir exhaust fan to bring cool air through the windows and doors on hot days. The fan also helps prevent condensation inside the trailer. And when the temperature dips, you can fire up the Truma Combi Eco Plus heater, which also serves as the water heater).

The Truma Combi system offers quick, dry heat for the cabin and instant hot water, too. The heater’s ductwork directs airflow across the windows and doors, helping to reduce condensation on the glass while also ensuring warm air is circulated around the areas when heat loss is most likely to occur.

A fantastic features of the Escapod TOPO 2 is its integrated 21-gallon water tank. Not only is it uncommon for trailers this size to have a water tank, but it’s also uncommon to have a tank this big. The tank is inside the trailer, and with the cabin’s insulation and the heat from the Truma Combi system, you don’t have to worry about a frozen water tank or frozen water lines.

Like to Cook? The Escapod TOPO 2 Has a Fantastic Galley

If you’re typically the camp chef, you’ll appreciate the thought and effort that Escapod put into the design of the TOPO 2’s galley…

Pop open the galley, and you immediately see a full-size stainless steel sink and spacious countertop that gives you the space you need to prep meals. Below the sink is a spice drawer that folds out at a 45-degree angle so you can clearly see what spices you have on hand without worrying that they’ll fall out in the process.

The galley also features an ENO 8,000-BTU two-burner stove. The stove is integrated into a locking slide immediately beneath the sink. This design makes the stove easy to use but also ensures it’s out of the way when you don’t need it. Just below the stove is additional storage space that helps you keep small items like flatware and cooking supplies neatly organized.

In fact, the Escapod TOPO 2’s galley offers 7.5 cubic feet of storage space, so there’s no lack of room for food and cooking utensils (there’s a spot for a 75-liter Yeti cooler, too, which comes with the trailer!). Escapod has integrated innovative features, too, that make the galley’s storage all the better. For example, there is a hidden knife storage cabinet, modular shelving, and a built-in cutting board to help you make the most of your camping kitchen!

The Escapod TOPO 2 Has a Luxurious Cabin

While the features mentioned above are certainly impressive, we’ve saved the best for last. The Escapod TOPO 2’s cabin is nothing short of incredible!

Getting a good night’s rest won’t be a problem on the six-inch queen-size memory foam mattress. Better still, when you lay back and rest your head on your pillow, you can look up at the stars through the five-foot-wide Stargazer window.

The cabin’s interior also features baltic birch cabinet faces, eight cubic feet of cabinet storage space, and five more cubic feet of storage behind the headboard. With all that storage space, you can have an uncluttered cabin primed and ready for you to hop in bed and drift off to sleep.

Other unique cabin features offered by the Escapod TOPO 2 include the following:

• A fold-down middle cabinet that turns into a laptop stand
• A birch headboard angled at 110 degrees to provide the ideal angle for leaning up against it for lounging
• Nightstands with wireless charging ports and USB ports
• Access doors on either side of the cabin

The Escapod TOPO 2 even has heated mudroom spaces at each entry door. The 32-inch-wide, 4.5-inch-deep space gives you a cozy spot to kick off your dirty shoes (which you can store in the lower half of the mudroom). Each mudroom also features two coat hooks so you can have easy access to your jackets without taking up valuable cabinet space.

Choose From Many Different Options

It would be impossible to discuss each and every standard and optional feature on the Escapod TOPO 2, so just know that the features outlined in this article are just the tip of the iceberg!

What’s more, we’ve got several TOPO 2 Voyager models in stock with varying options and features that allow you to choose your TOPO 2 to fit your needs. For example, the models we have in stock right now have varying options like:

• 200 A/h lithium-ion battery
• Rock guards
• Rock rails
• ARB 63 fridge (shown below)
• Blackout window covers
• No-See-Um door screens
• Galley enclosure
• Spare tire
• Rear hitch receiver

You can also choose from several colors, including midnight/fire, moss/obsidian, and white. And with varying Escapod TOPO 2 price points, you can find a trailer that suits your budget as well!

Escapod certainly does it better than most - that’s why we’re so excited to offer these trailers for sale. We like to think we do it better than most, too (which is why BTR - pronounced better - is in our name!).

If you think the Escapod TOPO 2 is just what the doctor ordered, contact us today to learn more about features, options, pricing, and more!