Living the van life means the freedom to hit the road for as long as you want, all the while having the necessities you need onboard with you. Some vans do this better than others, of course…


One of our favorite vans in recent years is the 2022 Ford Transit camper -  more specifically, the MR Campervan with a professional conversion. This van is loaded with all sorts of features that make it off-road capable, comfortable for the whole family, convenient, and functional, too.


But with a laundry list of goodies, discussing them all would be a very long article, indeed. So, we’ve picked five specific features that help make this van an ultimate overlanding machine!

This Ford Transit Camper is Built for Off-Road Travel

Ford Transit Campervan

What’s so great about the Ford Transit camper like the one shown throughout this article is it’s the ideal blend of functionality and off-road capabilities. Overlanding is all about the journey, right? And the best journeys are often found off the beaten path!


So, with that in mind, this transit van comes equipped with an all-wheel drive system that gives you superb traction on varying road conditions. The advantage of an all-wheel drive system is that it does the thinking for you - there’s no need to shift in and out of 4H or 4L like with a 4x4 system. Instead, you point the van down the road or trail, and it’ll give you the power when and where you need it.


The van also benefits from a WeldTec two-inch lift kit, a must-have if you plan to get off-road. This lift kit not only provides the van with better ground clearance, but it also comes with upgraded front and rear suspension components that improve the van’s on-road and off-road ride quality.

 Ford Transit Campervan

And when the road gets rough and narrow, you can rely on the Aluminess front bumper with a bull bar to push brush and branches out of your way. A robust bumper and bull bar are also helpful for reducing body damage to the van in the event of a collision with another vehicle or wildlife.


Other off-road features worth mentioning include a 3.73 limited slip axle to enhance control on challenging terrain, a 360-degree camera system for backing into tight camping spots, and Method 701 bead grip race wheels that not only look good but also offer a high level of performance.

You Get Plenty of Power and Towing Capabilities With the Ford Transit Camper

Ford Transit Campervan

Under the hood of this Ford Transit camper is a 3.5-liter Ford EcoBoost V6 gas engine. This turbocharged engine gives you the power you need when you need it while also offering the advantage of improved gas mileage over larger V8 engine options. Whether you need to press on the gas to get up a steep grade, pass a slow-moving vehicle, or tow a trailer behind you, this engine can handle it!

 Ford Transit Campervan

Speaking of towing, this particular van comes with a 9500-pound GVWR package, so you can haul all the gear and accessories you need for an extended trip. The HD Trailer tow package and integrated trailer brake furthers the van’s capabilities, allowing you to tow a trailer with confidence. 


And don’t worry about more frequent fuel stops when you’re loaded up with gear or towing a trailer. The Ford Transit camper has an extended 31-gallon fuel tank, so you can stay on the road longer, even if the van is carrying a heavy load.

Enjoy a Ford Transit Camper With a Pop-Top Roof

Ford Transit Campervan

A camping or overlanding trip in a camper van can be a lot of fun. But we’re suckers for vans with pop-top roofs like this Ford Transit camper!


An obvious benefit of a Ford Transit camper conversion with a pop-top roof is that you get much more headroom inside when the roof is deployed (this particular model has a complete conversion by Colorado Camper Van).


Not only does this mean you can walk around inside the van without ducking, but you also get a feeling of having far more interior space. If the weather outside isn’t all that awesome and you’re stuck inside the van for an extended time, having that extra “breathing room” can make all the difference.


Additionally, one of the reasons we love Colorado Campervan pop tops is that the roof cuts are all done to the OEM bodybuilder manuals. Every manufacturer has guidelines regarding what can and can’t be cut to retain the structural rigidity and safety of the vehicle. You can bet that Colorado Customs adheres to these guidelines to ensure you get a conversion van that’s as safe as it was when it rolled off the assembly line.

 Ford Transit Campervan

What’s more, the pop-top roof on this Ford Transit camper accommodates two people in the upper sleeping area. There is a large rear sleeping platform perfect for two adults, while there is also a smaller front platform for gear (like a couple of backpacks or a duffle bag) to keep it out of the way of the sleeping area. With the available sleeping space below, you’ve got room for six people to rack out for the night!

This Ford Transit Camper Has a Built-In Kitchen

Ford Transit Campervan

One of the primary reasons why folks choose a camper van for overlanding and camping adventures is the fact that these vans are often completely self-contained. As mentioned earlier, you have a place to sleep, room for gear, and a table to eat meals. You also get a well-equipped kitchen for whipping those meals up when you get to camp!


Despite the compact size of the Ford Transit camper’s kitchen, it offers everything you need to store food, prepare meals, and clean up afterwards. The 15x15 stainless steel Ruvati sink, for example, gives you a deep basin for washing dishes, cleaning fruits and vegetables, and washing your hands. 

 Ford Transit Campervan

Complementing the sink is an induction cooktop that is compact, energy-efficient, and heats up your food quickly. You can make all sorts of meals using this cooktop and do so without worrying that it uses too much power. The cooktop is set amongst generous counter space, too, so you have room to prep without having to stack items on top of the cooktop.

 Ford Transit Campervan

Set inside the kitchen cabinet is the Isotherm Cruise 130W refrigerator. This compact yet spacious fridge gives you the space you need to keep perishable items cool while you’re on the road. Whether it’s fresh fruit or a cold drink, you can rely on the Isotherm brand to provide years of reliable service, whether you’re hooked up to shore power or off-grid.


Add in other features like under-sink storage, a large cupboard for food and dishware, plus an Aqua-Hot hot water heater and heating system, and this kitchen has the makings of everything you need to have a comfortable trip!

The Power System in This Ford Transit Camper Will Keep the Lights on For Days

Ford Transit Campervan

Of course, the linchpin for a successful overlanding adventure is having a reliable, powerful electrical system that allows you to cut the cord, get off grid, and enjoy the solitude of camping away from crowds.


At the core of the Ford Transit camper van’s electric system is a lithium-ion auxiliary battery setup with a DC to DC charger/isolator. This energy-dense setup provides efficient charging and discharging, optimizing power transfer from the main battery or solar power to the auxiliary batteries with ease. With 600 total amp hours of auxiliary power (three 200-amp-hour SOK batteries), you get all the power you need for extended off-grid stays. Better still, since these batteries are lithium-ion, you get a stable power source that offers quick-charging capabilities for topping off the power between campsites as you drive down the road.


But that’s only part of this van’s electrical system…

 Ford Transit Campervan

This Ford Transit camper also comes equipped with a Xantrex 807-2055 Freedom HFS true sine wave inverter. With a 2000-watt 80-amp inverter and charger, this component can handle all sorts of electrical needs, from running kitchen appliances to charging devices to providing power for the van’s interior lights.


There’s a solar component to this system as well. On the roof, you’ll find a 200-watt solar panel that’s paired with a 20-amp controller. This setup ensures you can have reliable power and independence from being plugged into shore power. With the power generated by the solar panel, the electrical system can replenish the auxiliary batteries, allowing you to stay off the grid for longer periods of time.


Of course, all of these components are managed by a Redarc battery management system. A system like this is a must-have as it offers an intelligent means of monitoring battery health, managing charging cycles, and protects against overcharging and other issues. With that kind of peace of mind, you can set your sights on having a fun trip rather than worrying about what the Ford Transit camper van’s electrical system is doing!

Camper Vans Just Do It Better

Ford Transit Campervan

The beauty of a van like the Ford Transit camper is that it’s completely self-contained. Once you get to camp, you can pop the top, start cooking dinner, and then hit the sack for a restful night’s sleep. And with amenities like a port-a-potty, onboard hot water, air conditioning, and heat, you don’t even have to leave the van if you don’t want to!

Ford Transit Campervan

Of course, as we’ve explained throughout this article, camper vans offer many other benefits. You can drive on-road or off, camp with shore power at an RV park or get off-grid and rely on the onboard power system, and you can do all these travels while being wholly comfortable, too. Vans like this are easy to drive and easy to set up as well.

In other words, camper vans just do it better! We do it better, too - that’s why BTR (pronounced better) - is in our name. Contact us today to learn more about the 2022 Ford Transit camper we have in stock or to ask questions about any other outdoor gear you have your eye on!