One of the primary benefits of having a truck topper is that you get everything you need for an extended camping adventure but without the added stress of pulling a trailer. What’s more, a 4x4 truck with a topper on it is likely much more capable of going off-road than a typical campervan or RV, so you can still get way off-grid if you want.

So, really, a truck topper is the best of both worlds - a comfortable, functional camping setup and the ability to explore off-the-beaten-path locations with ease. Nice!

The question is, which truck topper should be on your radar?

AT Overland Toppers are among the best in the business, so we’ll use a few of their models (which we have in stock!) to highlight and compare. Whether you need a five-foot option for your compact truck, an eight-foot option for your full-size truck, or something in between, AT Overland Toppers has you covered.


AT Overland Habitat -Feature Comparison

BTR Truck Topper Installation

Benefits of a Truck Topper

As mentioned earlier, one of the features that make a truck topper a popular choice for camping and overlanding is that it is a more streamlined setup than towing a trailer or camping in a big campervan or RV.

In addition to being more maneuverable, a truck with a topper is also far more versatile - you can still use it as an everyday vehicle and use it for utilitarian purposes, too. Hop in your truck and head out for the weekend to camp, then come home and run to the home improvement store to bring home a few items for a DIY project. When Monday rolls around, hop in your rig and drive to work, then rinse and repeat the following weekend!

There’s something to be said about the space you save, too. If your garage door is tall enough, you might be able to pull your truck and topper into your garage as you normally would. Unless you have a very tall garage door, that’s probably not possible with a campervan or RV. Unless you have a big garage or a small trailer, you likely can’t get that in your garage, either.

When you’re camping, a truck topper gives you the advantage of ease of setup as well. The AT Overland toppers we explore below take just a few minutes to get ready for a weekend of camping. Find a spot to park, hop out, unclip a few latches, and deploy the topper, and you’re ready to rumble!

All this isn’t to say that trailers, campervans, and RVs aren’t excellent choices for camping and overlanding. For some folks, they’re the ideal option. But, if you want the ultimate in flexibility, maneuverability, and versatility, it’s hard to beat a setup that includes AT Overland toppers! 

AT Overland Toppers: Atlas

As you’d expect from AT Overland toppers, the Atlas is designed to be lightweight, rugged, and versatile.

Now, despite the compact design of the Atlas, it expands to reveal living space for two people. This includes a built-in two-piece, two-inch-thick mattress that’s 80 x 48 inches atop an insulated sleeping platform (the Atlas’ walls are also insulated for chilly nights).

The all-season AT Overland Atlas offers plenty of other interior features, too:

  • Clear vinyl windows with no-see-um mesh and privacy panels
  • Soft carpeting for a more comfortable living space
  • A double USB port and 12-volt socket
  • Integrated wiring raceways
  • Multiple interior LED lights (and lift gate LEDs, too)
  • Locking lift gate for added security
The Atlas’ roof is also worth a mention. Its design allows you to walk on it (it supports up to 600 pounds when the roof is closed), so you can hop on top to check out the views around you. Just imagine you and your significant other having a seat on the roof, catching a view of the stars above. Not bad, right?!

The AT Overland Atlas is made from aluminum and composite materials, which means it’s lightweight and incredibly durable. The low-profile design is also important, as it lowers the topper’s center of gravity while minimizing drag, making your on- and off-road adventures more stable and fuel-efficient.

Perhaps the Atlas's most impressive feature is how quickly you can set it up. All you need is about 30 seconds to fully deploy the Atlas - and another 30 seconds to stow it before hitting the road. That means you can spend less time preparing your camp and more time actually enjoying your camping experience!

AT Overland toppers like this fit a wide range of truck beds, too. In fact, we’ve got numerous lengths in stock:

Each of the in-stock Atlas models features varying options as well. For example, the 5.5-foot base model has a 38x14” front cab slider, a Tern Euro window, a Tern hatch door, pre-wiring for solar, and a Maxxair 6200k fan.

Meanwhile, the 6.5-foot base adds a Truma heater and awning brackets to the mix.

The point is that the Atlas is enormously versatile, and with the varying options we have in stock, you can find the right Atlas for your needs! What’s more, you can order an AT topper with a wide range of add-ons, the most popular of which are a heater, solar, and the Maxxair 6200 fan mentioned earlier.

AT Overland Toppers: Habitat

Let’s shift the discussion to the AT Overland Habitat…

This model offers the same durability, functionality, and ease of use as the Atlas, but in a different design - rather than the roof popping up, the Habitat’s roof folds back, revealing a large rooftop tent design. In fact, the tent is a three-season design, so you can use it in all sorts of camping situations for most of the year.

As is the case with the other AT Overland toppers featured here, the Habitat features room for two people with a built-in mattress. In this case, the mattress is 87x48 inches in size and two inches thick. The insulated sleeping platform and soft covering on the walls give you added warmth for those early and late-season camping trips.

You can sleep another two smaller people or kids in the gear storage/flipped over area as well, giving you space to easily sleep four in this tent. Bonus!

In fact, the tent design is the primary difference between the Atlas and Habitat. The Habitat features many of the same options as the Atlas, including the following:

  • A double USB port and 12-volt socket
  • Integrated wiring raceways
  • Multiple interior LED lights (and lift gate LEDs, too)
  • Locking lift gate for added security

The Habitat also features a gear loft and pockets for keeping your gear organized, stainless steel hardware for durability, and a sleek design similar to the Atlas. You’ll find the same durable, lightweight construction as the Atlas as well.

A unique feature of the AT Overland Habitat is that it offers protected outdoor living space. Since the roof folds out and extends back over the rear of the truck, you get a covered entrance to the truck bed. Not only is this handy for shade on hot summer days, but it’s also beneficial for those rainy spring camping trips and snowy fall camping trips, too.

While the design of the Habitat might be different from the Atlas, it still offers quick setup and take-down thanks to the smart design of AT Overland toppers. All you need is about two minutes to unclip a few latches, fold the roof back, and transition to the ultimate setup for camping. Simply reverse the process, and you’ll be ready to hit the road again in about two minutes.

The Habitat is available for many different truck bed sizes. We have the following currently in stock:

In each case, you’ll find varying options that make these models suit your needs even better. Options include front cab sliders, rear liftgate windows, propane tanks with brackets, and much more (model dependent).

Just click on the links above to explore these models in more detail, or give us a call to discuss their features and benefits! 

AT Overland Toppers: Summit

Last, but certainly not least, is the AT Overland Summit. This is the model for you if you want a sleek wedge-design tent and truck topper combination.

Again, you’ll find the same high-quality all-aluminum and composite construction in the Summit that you find in the previous examples - this is a hallmark of AT Overland Toppers and one of the reasons why we highly recommend them.

More than that, you’ll enjoy a camping experience that offers ease of use. In fact, it doesn’t get much easier than the Summit - simply unlatch it, pop the rear of the roof up, lock it in place, and this thing is ready for camping.

Despite its compact size and low-profile design, the AT Overland Summit accommodates two people. The built-in mattress is two inches thick and 80x48 inches, so you have plenty of elbow room for a good night’s sleep.

Like the other two options discussed above, the Summit offers an insulated sleeping platform and walls with soft carpeting to improve the topper’s insulative value. And because of the Summit’s wedge design, all your bedding can stay in place when the roof is closed. As a result, you only need 30 seconds to deploy the Summit when you arrive at camp and another 30 seconds to stow it when you’re ready to hit the road.

There are a host of features in the Summit that will sound familiar because it shares them with the other AT Overland toppers discussed earlier:

  • Durable design and construction
  • Locking lift gate for added security
  • Interior and lift gate lighting
  • A double USB port and 12-volt socket
  • Integrated wiring raceways

Likewise, the Summit features clear vinyl windows with no-see-um mesh panels and privacy panels, a clear coat aluminum finish, and a roof that can be walked on (up to 600 pounds).

As you can see below, the roof can also accommodate gear storage. The roof will even maintain operation provided the gear on it weighs 100 pounds or less.

We have a number of Summit models currently in stock to fit compact, mid-size, and full-size trucks:

Various options and accessories are available with each model, so you can invest in a truck topper that fits your specific needs. Whether that means buying a Summit, Habitat, or Atlas, you’ll find that AT Overland’s designs, build quality, and ease of use make it a wise investment for your outdoor adventures!

Seeing is Believing With AT Overland Toppers

Reading about these truck toppers is one thing; seeing them with your own two eyes is another. If you’re in our neck of the woods in Abilene, Texas, it’s well worth your time to drop by and allow us to give you a tour of the AT Overland toppers we have in stock.

If you’re not around these parts, that’s okay! We’re happy to chat with you on the phone about the unique features and amenities of each of these toppers. Our job is to help you make an informed decision, so you have a better experience exploring the great outdoors. That’s why we put “BTR” (pronounced better) in our name!