Sometimes when you’re camping or overlanding, you have to make tough decisions about the gear you bring. After all, space is limited, so your necessities have to take priority over your wants.

But what if there was a way for you to bring your necessities and your wants, wrapped up in a neat and tidy package that can go just about anywhere your tow vehicle can go? Well, SNO Trailers has the answer to that question in their Alpine adventure trailer.

The Alpine isn’t any adventure trailer, though - it’s a rugged overlanding camping trailer that enables you to get far off the beaten path yet enjoy all sorts of comforts and functionalities. It truly is the best of both worlds! 

Since the Alpine is a new item on our lot, let’s take a look at why this is one rugged overlanding camping trailer you don’t want to miss!

This Overlanding Camping Trailer is Purpose-Built for the Rough Stuff

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The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and SNO Trailers certainly isn’t messing around with the Alpine’s ability to tackle rough terrain.

It starts with a Timbren suspension that absorbs the bumps and bruises of off-road travel so you have a better towing experience with far less bumping and jostling along the way. With an optional long-travel Fabtech suspension - which was co-developed by Fabtech specifically for this trailer and tested with a Ford Raptor - you can elevate the off-road prowess of the Alpine even further. Paired with the suspension are two premium 17-inch Method wheels wrapped with 275/70/R17 all-terrain tires. The 40-degree departure angle helps your ability to go off-road, too!

Riding on top of the suspension is an aluminum body and a powder-coated steel frame. While powder-coating the frame is likely enough to prevent rust, SNO Trailers takes it a step further by adding their own anti-rust base coating to ensure long-term durability. This is just one of many examples of how SNO Trailers goes above and beyond in the construction of their rigs.

Enjoy a Spacious Galley and Entertaining Area

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At the rear of this overlanding camping trailer is a large galley with a stainless steel kitchen pullout primed and ready for a stainless steel sink and a Dometic stove. Keep your small kitchen items in one of the numerous drawers in the slide, and use the full-width fixed storage tray for larger necessities.

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On the passenger side of the trailer, you’ll find a large side box featuring three internal drawers, two dividers, and a stainless steel surface that’s ideal for preparing and serving meals. This box also has a Switch-Pros panel and a handy USB port for charging your phone while you eat. You can also add up to a 75-liter powered fridge/freezer on a slide in the forward portion of the passenger’s side storage box.

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This side of the trailer is also where entertaining takes place. With an optional awning that spans the entire side and back of the trailer, you have 270 degrees of uninterrupted space to hang out, even if it’s raining. Bring your favorite camp chairs, start a fire, and you’ve got a ready-made party space!

A Separate Living Space Awaits you in this Overlanding Camping Trailer

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What’s so unique about this trailer is that the private living space is on the opposite side of the trailer. So, when you’ve had your fill of campfire stories and want to get ready for bed, you can do so with more privacy by accessing your toiletries in the driver’s side storage box (though this storage box is huge, so you can keep a lot more stuff in there).

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Likewise, it’s on this side of the tent where you can access an optional rooftop tent. Not only is this more private, but it also means there’s no ladder interrupting the galley and entertaining space on the other side of the trailer. What’s more, you can add an optional outdoor shower on this side of the trailer so you can get cleaned up before bed without being front-and-center with your buddies on the opposite side.

This setup with separate entertaining and living zones is the height of camping functionality - far more functional than traditional trailer setups where entertaining, cooking, and living space is all crammed together.

Take Your Devices With You: The Alpine Adventure Trailer Has a Complete Electrical System

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This overlanding camping trailer doesn’t just have lots of storage and unique public and private areas. Instead, SNO Trailers ensures you also have electricity no matter where you are.

This trailer comes with a 100ah Renogy AGM battery with a Renogy battery monitor and a Renogy waterproof solar charge controller. There’s also an external solar plug, Switch-Pros panels, and a NOCO Genius battery charger. You can access USB charging ports from either side of the trailer, and you can control it all with an on/off battery switch. The brains of the trailer are protected by a removable electronics cover with a uniquely branded SNO Trailers design.

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Though you don’t want to mix electricity and water, you need both when you’re overlanding, so SNO Trailers accommodates with up to a 30-gallon water tank. With that amount of water, you can stay off grid for a long time! You’ll have plenty of propane for cooking, too - the Alpine accommodates two 10-pound propane tanks.

This Overlanding Camping Trailer is a Better Way to Camp

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You might think that with a laundry list of specs and features like this, the SNO Trailers Alpine overlanding camping trailer is big, heavy, and bulky. But nothing could be further from the truth. At 12’2” long, 6’3” wide, and 5’9” tall with a dry weight of 1,500 pounds, the Alpine packs an awful lot of goodies in a compact package. You can add a good amount of stuff to the trailer, too, with its 3,500-pound suspension load.

Some things enable you to have a better time outdoors - a good camp chair, a portable shower, and the ability to cook food on the go come immediately to mind. But a rock-solid overlanding camping trailer has to be on that list, too.

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The Alpine is an ideal base camp that you can set up quickly and return home to after a long day of adventuring. And when you’re in camp, you can enjoy amenity after amenity that makes being outdoors all the more enjoyable, like separate entertaining and living areas, storage galore, and the ability to add goodies like awnings, rooftop tents, hot water, and more.

We’re in the business of helping people make their outdoor adventures all the better. That’s why we put BTR - pronounced “better” - in our name! Contact us today at 888-323-5902 for additional details about the SNO Trailers Alpine overlanding camping trailer and to learn what it can do to make your outdoor pursuits more comfortable and functional.