Investing in an off-road-capable trailer allows you to blend your passions for camping and off-roading. But when choosing a trailer, you don’t want something too big, so a small off-road trailer is ideal.

The question is, how do you choose the ultimate camping-overlanding-off-roading rig?

Well, like any buying decision, it’s important to go into the process informed. With that in mind, this guide walks you through a few considerations to make while you’re on the hunt for a small off-road trailer.

There are many excellent off-road trailer options out there, but for the purposes of this guide, we’ll use the Sherpa Trailers Bigfoot to highlight what you should look for. This trailer is well-built, offers loads of flexibility of use, and is the perfect size for overlanding and off-roading.

A Small Off-Road Trailer Should Be…Small! (But Not Too Small)

That being the case, let’s dive into this small off-road trailer buying guide!

Finding the perfect balance between size and functionality is key when it comes to small off-road trailers.

The Sherpa Trailers Bigfoot is a fantastic option with a 5 ft. x 8 ft. cabin that strikes the ideal balance for both cargo and sleeping needs. This compact yet versatile size ensures that you can easily navigate most off-road trails, opening up a world of possibilities for exploration beyond the pavement.

What’s more, you can explore off-road trails without needing a big, brawny vehicle to tow the Bigfoot. With a dry weight of approximately 1300 lbs. and a tongue weight of 140 lbs., this off-road trailer is a lightweight champ that you can tow with just about any off-road-ready UTV, SUV, or truck.

The advantage of such low weight is evident when towing off-road, where nimbleness is paramount. Maneuvering through difficult terrain becomes much less of a challenge with a small off-road trailer, allowing you to access remote locations and hidden gems that might be out of reach with a larger rig.

Of course, you can do all this while having a trailer that isn’t too small. With a cabin that’s 40 square feet, you can easily use the space for multiple purposes. In other words, the Sherpa Trailers Bigfoot is the sweet spot of size for off-road adventures!

Look for a Small Off-Road Trailer That’s Built for the Rough Stuff

Of course, having a small trailer does you no good if it can’t handle difficult terrain…

Again, this is where trailers like the Bigfoot shine. It sits on a straight Dexter axle with 1,400-pound leaf springs on each side. The trailer runs 31-inch 10-50 R-15 tires that give it the grip necessary for navigating steep inclines, slippery rocks, mud, and other fun stuff you might encounter off-road. 

The Bigfoot off-road trailer is also outfitted with heavy-duty aluminum fenders to minimize rock and mud spray. The fenders come with batwing steps on both sides, too, for easy access to the trailer’s roof. The model pictured throughout this article also has a secret weapon - a three-inch axle lift. With additional ground clearance, this bad boy can follow your tow vehicle through streams, over mountains, across deserts…you name it!

A Flexible Trailer is a Must

A small off-road trailer should be more than a box on wheels. When you’re trying to combine camping and off-road exploration, you need the trailer to pull double or triple duty at least!

The Sherpa Trailers Bigfoot is a prime example of this. As mentioned earlier, the 5 ft. x 8 ft. cabin offers ample room for hauling gear while leaving room for you to hit the sack after a long day of exploring. But, because this is a flexible mini off-road trailer, you can use the roof rack to add a rooftop tent and save the entirety of the trailer’s interior space for gear.

But, what if you need even more storage space? With a 2-inch receiver on the back of the trailer, you can easily add a cargo rack or a bike rack to accommodate extra gear. 

Heck, you can take it a step further by adding a fridge/freezer, a stove, a travel sink, and other items to make a nice camping kitchen inside the trailer. No more standing in the rain while you wait for your ramen noodles to cook!

So, whether you need to cook, take a nap, store your gear, hang with your friends, or a combination thereof, a mini off-road trailer like this gives you the flexibility to do so.

Invest in a Small Off-Road Trailer That’s Functional, Too

You know the age-old argument between form and function? Well, with a small off-road trailer, you want to prioritize function. 

The 45"x40" rear door takes this trailer’s flexibility up a level. Not only does it give you easier access to the trailer’s interior, but it also makes for better indoor-outdoor living. Head inside when the weather is less than ideal, and stay dry as you watch the rain fall through the two side doors or the big rear door. Then, when the weather is nice, have a seat outside and leave the rear door down for quick access to your stove, fridge, and other gear.

The functionality of a small off-road trailer like this extends to the outside, where you’ll find a Tuff Stuff 270-degree passenger-side awning to provide protected outdoor space. Below that is a Front Runner drop-down table, so you have a spot for your snacks, beverages, and so forth as you unwind after a long day exploring the wilderness.

Better still, you can easily navigate the inside and outside of the trailer thanks to interior and exterior LED lighting. Spend all day in the great outdoors, come back to camp to clean up and make dinner, and enjoy camp life with lighting to help guide the way!

But since this is the ultimate example of a small off-road trailer, it comes with many other functional features:

  • Watersport Weekender water storage tank
  • Toolbox
  • Cubbyhole storage
  • Interior fold-up bunk/storage area
  • Adjustable, screened windows on the driver and passenger side
  • Interior power strip with an external shore power outlet

Don’t Forget to Prioritize Comfort With Your Small Off-Road Trailer

Having a rugged, durable, well-built trailer is one thing. But having all that plus amenities that improve your comfort is a whole other level of awesome!

The Sherpa Trailers team outfits the Bigfoot small off-road trailer with a vent on one side and a 12-volt fan on the other for easy cross-ventilation. Combined with the dual screened windows on either side of the trailer, you can get all the fresh air you want inside the cabin.

The Bigfoot is also built with an insulated roof. The 1.5 inches of foam between the ceiling joists helps reduce heat loss in cold weather and minimizes heat gain in hot weather. And with 24-gauge sheet metal flashing on the interior, you’ll never have to worry about leaks.

On top of all that, you can get a Bigfoot trailer with a queen-sized mattress. Cozy into your big, comfortable bed, and enjoy all the comforts of home, even in the middle of nowhere!

Now, the Sherpa Trailers Bigfoot is just one example of what a mini off-road trailer can be. Not everyone does it as well as these folks, though. In fact, they do it better than anyone else. We’re familiar with that…that’s why BTR - pronounced better - is in our name!