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What Conversion Van Interior Upgrades Should You Get?

One of the best features of a conversion van is that there are so many possibilities for upgrading and customizing the interior.

In fact, there is virtually no end to the combination of amenities you can choose for your conversion van interior. A pop-top roof? Of course! A toilet and shower? You bet! Of course, the downside of buying a custom conversion van is that you have to wait for it to be built - a process that can take months.

Unless you find the ideal conversion van interior in a van that’s already been built, that is…

We have a number of conversion vans on the lot that are ready to rock with interior (and exterior) upgrades galore. Given the opportunity to learn about some of the interior options already in place, we're betting that you'll find the perfect van for your needs.

So, let’s take a quick tour of one of our favorite vans - a 2022 Ford Transit LR Campervan with a 2023 Professional Conversion - to explore the possibilities when it comes to conversion van interior upgrades!

Prioritize Sleeping Space in Your Conversion Van Interior


Few enhancements inside a conversion van rival the importance of a comfortable sleeping setup, and the 2022 Ford Transit conversion van stands out with its two-bed configuration.

This camper boasts both a lower bed, accommodating two sleepers, and a pop-top roof bed designed for an additional two people. The value of the dual-bed layout lies in its versatility and practicality.

The lower bed, positioned in the rear of the van, provides easy access for a quick nap to break up a long day of driving. It’s also perfect for parents who want to cozy up for the night while the kids climb up top to take a snooze in the upper bed.

The pop-top roof bed also introduces a touch of adventure to bedtime. The elevated platform gives occupants a unique vantage point, offering views of the surroundings. This elevated sleeping platform offers an intimate connection with nature while giving two of the four van occupants a separate and private sleeping area.

The dual-bed feature isn't just a matter of convenience; it's also a game-changer for the overall comfort of this conversion van interior…

Traveling with a group often means varied preferences and sleeping habits. Having both a lower bed and an upper bed allows occupants to choose their ideal sleeping spot based on personal preferences or physical comfort needs. Whether it's the ease of the lower bed for quick access or the seclusion of the pop-top roof for a unique sleeping experience, this setup caters to the diverse needs of you and your traveling companions.

Moreover, this two-bed arrangement adds an element of flexibility to the camper van lifestyle. The freedom to adapt the sleeping space to the moment—whether it's a quiet night in a serene campground or an adventurous evening under a star-studded sky—contributes to the appeal of a van like the 2022 Ford Transit LR Campervan.

A Kitchen is a Must for Your Conversion Van Interior

Another critical conversion van interior upgrade you should prioritize is a galley.

Picture this: a handy sink that's perfect for washing up, whether it's your hands or the dishes. It's small but mighty, keeping things clean and hygienic. Now, onto the star of the show – the induction cooktop. This nifty gadget not only heats up quickly but also lets you control the temperature like a kitchen pro. Plus, it's super safe without an open flame, making it perfect for cooking up a storm without any worries.

And what's a kitchen without a fridge, right? The Isotherm Cruise 130 Fridge in this van is a champ at keeping your food and drinks cool and fresh throughout your entire journey. It's a game-changer, especially when you're on the road and need to stock up on supplies.

This conversion van interior also features an Aqua-Hot Water/Heating System. This little hero provides more than just hot water for your kitchen needs. It spreads warmth throughout the van, making chilly nights feel cozy and comfortable. It's like having your own personal heater on the go!

Having a fully loaded kitchen in your camper is not just about fueling up with home-cooked food; it's about having the convenience to make what you want, where you want, and when you want. Additionally, it’s about enjoying the cooking experience on the road.

Climate Control Allows You to Use Your Van Year-Round

Being from Texas, we know a thing or two about real hot summers and winters that can be surprisingly cold. But no matter where you live, having a conversion van interior that is a comfortable temperature is critically important.

First off, imagine those chilly nights where you just want to be all snuggled up. Well, the Aqua-Hot Water/Heating System in this van has your back. It's like a warm hug for the entire van, making sure you're toasty warm when the outside world is doing its best winter impersonation. With a proper heat source, you can enjoy your road adventures even when the temperature drops.

Now, let's talk about those sunny days. The Dometic RTX 1000 12V roof top air conditioner is like your van's own personal cool breeze generator. When the weather decides to turn up the heat, you can turn on this bad boy and keep things chill inside. No more sweating it out when you're trying to relax in your home on wheels! And when it isn’t too hot and you don’t need the air conditioning, you can open the windows, turn on the Maxxair fan, and get some of that oh-so-sweet fresh air into the van.

With a climate control setup like this, you can camp year-round in all sorts of locations. Whether you’re in the parking lot of your favorite ski resort in New Mexico, lakeside fishing at Lake Texoma, cruising the Blue Ridge Parkway in the spring, or somewhere in between, you can do so in complete comfort!

Your Conversion Van Interior Isn’t Complete With Restroom Facilities

Let's talk about a couple of game-changers in the 2022 Ford Transit conversion van – the hidden flip-up storage box with a porta potty and the outdoor shower. These are the unsung heroes of van life, making road trips a whole lot more comfortable.

First up, that sneaky little storage box. When you're out in the middle of nowhere and nature calls, you've got your own private restroom just a flip away. The hidden porta potty is like a VIP pass to comfort on the road. No more hunting for rest stops or crossing your fingers for the nearest bathroom – you've got your own little convenience tucked away. It's a total game-changer, especially when you're embracing the call of the wild.

Though the shower isn’t inside the van, it’s still worth discussing a conversion van interior upgrade. Why? Well, that’s simple. First, putting the shower outside means it doesn’t take up space inside the van. That, in turn, gives you more space, which makes vans like this all the more comfortable.

Secondly, imagine washing off the day's adventures under the open sky – it's the kind of freedom you can't get in a regular bathroom. Whether you've been hiking, biking, or just soaking in the views, a quick outdoor shower is the perfect refresher. It's all about embracing that on-the-road lifestyle with a touch of freedom and a splash of nature.

A Reliable Electrical System Should Be on Your List of Conversion Van Interior Upgrades

Now, let's shed some light on the electrical components of the 2022 Ford Transit LR Campervan – because, let's face it, a reliable electrical system is like the heartbeat of a comfortable camping experience!

First, the 540 amp-hour auxiliary lithium battery with a DC-to-DC charger/isolator ensures a steady flow of juice to keep things running smoothly. From lighting up the interior to firing up the water pump, this lithium battery is the unsung hero behind the scenes, ensuring you have the comforts of home on the road.

The Xantrex Freedom HFS true sine wave inverter turns all that stored power into the kind of electricity your gadgets love. It's like having your own power wizard for your conversion van interior, making sure everything from your laptop to your blender gets the royal treatment.

But wait, there's more – the 2000W 55A Inverter/Charger. This champ not only converts DC power to AC but also acts as a charger, topping up your batteries when needed. It's the unsung multitasker, ensuring that your power supply stays robust and ready for whatever you throw at it.

And let's not forget about soaking up the sun – the 200W solar panel with a 20-amp controller. It's like having your own little sunshine harvester on the roof, turning sunlight into power. This eco-friendly addition means you can go off the grid for longer, taking in the beauty of nature without worrying about running out of juice.

Having this electrical dream team in your conversion van is like having a backstage pass to comfort and convenience. It's the reason you can enjoy well-lit evenings, charge your gadgets, and keep the chill vibes going with the air conditioning. So, if you're building your ultimate camping haven on wheels, these electrical features should be right up there on your checklist – because in the world of van life, power is king!

Choose Your Own Van Adventure With BTR Outfitters

As we mentioned earlier, the 2022 Ford Transit conversion van highlighted in this post is just one of many conversion vans we currently have in stock. And while each of these vans has slightly different features and amenities, something remains the same with each - they all have conversion van interior upgrades that make your camping and overlanding adventures all the better.

And that’s what we want for you - a better camping experience. This isn’t just lip service, either - BTR, pronounced better - is in our name! With top-of-the-line conversion vans with comfortable interiors and a range of price points, we’re confident you can find the adventuremobile for your specific needs.

You can check out our current inventory of conversion vans online, drop by our headquarters just off I-20 in Abilene, or give us a call at 888-323-5902 to get all the details on your dream conversion van!

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