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Side-by-sides can be a hunter’s best friend. After all, they offer more space and power than a four-wheeler and often come with enclosed cabs. You can add a heater inside, a dump bed on the back, and wrap it in camouflage to make one heck of a hunting vehicle.

But you can’t really cook or sleep in a side-by-side, so having a hunting trailer setup to go along with it is a smart choice. Imagine the possibilities.  You’re able to get deep off the beaten path - whether that’s the backcountry or way back on that big deer lease - and having a comfortable camp…not having to drive in and out each day.  

The question is, which hunting trailer works best with a UTV?

Well, we think we have a good candidate - the Remington R-20 from SNO Trailers. Not only is this trailer outfitted with everything you need to get to those secret hunting spots of yours, but with Remington-approved features and options, it's backed by one of the best names in the firearms business.

Intrigued? Read on to learn why the R-20 is the ultimate hunting trailer setup!

This Hunting Trailer Setup Will Keep Your Guns Safe

Remington R-20

Paramount when you’re hunting is the ability to keep your guns safe. Not only that, but you want a space for all your gear and accessories to be secured and out of the elements, too. The partnership between SNO Trailers, Remington, and SA Consumer Products - which is an industry leader in the secure storage space - makes sure of that.

As we’ll discuss a little later, the R-20 has all sorts of storage space, including lockable areas for guns and other valuable gear. But the R-20 takes it a step further with optional accessories that make this the ultimate hunting setup.

For example, you can add a drop-action, quick-access Biometric handgun vault to the trailer. You can also add a full-length pullout biometric/keypad rifle vault. In other words, even when you’re way out in the wilderness on the hunt, you can rest assured that your firearms are secured.

You Can Take This Hunting Trailer Setup Virtually Anywhere

Remington R-20

True to form for SNO Trailers, the Remington R-20 is fully capable of traversing difficult terrain. In fact, this trailer - which is just 800 pounds dry - can go virtually anywhere your side-by-side can go; it’s quite literally your ticket to getting deep in the backcountry and closer to the game you’re hunting.

The extreme capability of this hunting trailer setup starts with the powder-coating steel frame. SNO Trailers adds a proprietary anti-rust base coating to the frame, ensuring long-term durability and resistance to rust that will help this trailer be your hunting companion for years and years to come.

Remington R-20

SNO Trailers also builds this trailer with difficult trails in mind. The Timbren suspension, 14-inch method wheels, and full-size spare tire on its own rack ensure the trailer can get up and over (and through) obstacles you find along the way. The max coupler adds even more functionality by offering increased articulation, easier coupling, and an improved towing experience by making the trailer and tow vehicle feel like one unit.

There isn’t much point in investing in a hunting trailer setup if you can only get it to the nearest campground or trailhead. That’s why the R-20 is such a great choice for your hunting adventures - hook it up to your side-by-side and let the R-20’s off-road prowess, which includes a 45-degree departure angle, handle the rough stuff!

Enjoy Camp Life With a Quality Kitchen

Remington R-20

One of the best parts of a hunting trip is sitting around the campfire telling stories of past trips. But gathering around the campfire isn’t half as fun if you don’t have good food to eat, and the R-20 gives you all the space you need to make that happen!

On the one hand, the R-20 offers a kitchen pullout with a stainless steel top for food prep and a fixed storage compartment above it for storing all your kitchen items. On the other hand, there’s a big compartment in the rear with a slide pullout that’s perfectly sized for your favorite powered fridge/freezer or cooler.

Remington R-20

As you can see in the images above and below, all that space translates to a place where you can get your meals ready, serve up food, and go back for seconds and thirds. A kitchen like this, with its functional layout and convenient features, makes having a home-cooked meal all the easier. With two five-pound propane tanks and an optional water tank, you’ll have gas and water for an extended hunting trip as well.

Storage is Plentiful in this Hunting Trailer Setup

Remington R-20

Though the Remington R-20 isn’t just a hunting cargo trailer, it certainly doesn’t skimp on storage space…that’s due in part to smart use of space and over ten feet of length to accommodate varying storage options.

You get two large side doors, both with Molle panels for keeping your gear neatly organized. The doors open into two side boxes, both of which have two internal drawers and one internal divider to help you find a home for everything you bring with you.

Remington R-20

The theme of “ultimate hunting trailer setup” continues with drop-down shelves in both side storage boxes that allow you to tailor how you use the boxes - drop the shelves down for added storage space for small items or fold the shelves up to accommodate bigger ones. The trailer also features a front utility box for electrical components that has an integrated notch design specifically for recovery boards. And with a 2,000-pound suspension load, you can bring a lot of gear, too!

Off Grid? No Problem! This Hunting Trailer Setup Has a Robust Electrical System

Remington R-20

Though hunting represents an opportunity to unplug from technology for a few days, it’s nice to have a hunting trailer setup with an electrical system in case you need to charge a device. If not, it’s nice to have onboard power available to run lighting so you can see what you’re doing in camp at night.

Remington R-20

SNO Trailers has outfitted the R-20 with a Renogy power system that includes a 100ah AGM battery, battery monitor, and waterproof solar charge controller. The Trailer further has a NOCO Genius battery charger, a solar plug, an on/off battery switch, and a Switch-Pros panel to monitor it all. You even get charging ports on both sides of the trailer and in the rear, so you and two of your buddies can all juice up your phones before heading out for the day.

Your Hunting Trips Will Be Better With the R-20

Remington R-20

As noted earlier, this hunting trailer setup is just over 10 feet long and weighs just 800 pounds dry. At 5’4” wide and 4’11” tall, its compact form factor means you can easily tow it with your side-by-side, even through tight spaces. Yet, despite being a small trailer, the R-20 is so well designed that its small space is full of features that make your hunting trips more comfortable and convenient. With the addition of optional accessories like a batwing awning, rooftop tent, a shower, and much more, you can make the R-20 even better for your adventures.

Remington R-20

This partnership between SNO Trailers, Remington, and others is a match made in heaven for hunters. You get a rugged off-road trailer with lockable storage, optional biometric gun storage, a robust kitchen, and so much more. It would be hard not to have a fantastic hunting trip with this trailer in tow!

Of course, we want you to have a better hunting experience - that’s why BTR (pronounced “better”) is in our name! If you have questions about this SNO Trailers model, other hunting trailers by SNO Trailers and Remington, or anything else outdoor related, give us a call at 888-323-5902 to speak to one of our experts!