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Universal Tilt Slide Adapter


Universal Tilt Slide Adapter

The Universal Tilt Slide Adapter is a device to convert an existing flat slide into a tilt slide. The adapter is American made and originally designed for the TemboTusk Fridge Slide, however, by the nature of its design, the Tilt Adapter will fit almost all fridge slide brands.

The TemboTusk Universal Tilt Slide Adapter will tilt to a maximum of 28 degrees. The adapter is made from heavy gage steel and will easily support the weight of a slide and camping fridge.

The Tilt Adapter can be used to pull a fridge out horizontally or in the tilt configuration. (Detent Pins holds the tilt adapter horizontally. Pull the pins to tilt.) 

Installation will require drilling and careful reading of the installation instructions. The install is not terribly difficult; however the details are important.   

(Works best with Standard & Mid-Size TemboTusk Front Pull Slides)


FJ-80, Jeep, other camping and warehouse items in photos are not included. 

Patent Pending #63461203