Roofnest Falcon 2


Roofnest's most popular and bestselling tent just got even better. We used what we've learned from nearly 3 years of manufacturing and selling our Falcon and Falcon XL tents to refine the features that made it our most versatile roof top tent.

To make the Falcon 2 lower profile and to reduce condensation, we've changed the top shell to a sandwich construction - two sheets of aluminum with an insulating foam layer in between. The bottom shell is the same honeycomb aluminum and now has two accessory channels which distributes loads better so you can mount up to 75 lbs of gear, e.g., axes, lights, shovels and more with readily available M8 hardware. The tent material is an upgraded 320g poly-cotton canvas with a blackout coating on the inside that makes for the perfect sleeping cave and a removable awning provides weather protection at all three entrances and still allows for enjoying the view. The 2.5 inch thick true memory foam mattress might just make the falcon 2 more comfortable than your bed at home!

With all these new upgrades we were careful not to make any sacrifices that would compromise what we all loved about the original Falcon: its ultra thin profile. At just 6.5 inches tall when closed, you'll be sure to remain energy efficient and compact while on the road. Adding an optional set of crossbars to the top allows you to bring your bikes, boards, kayaks or whatever your adventures require.

 Style: Clamshell
Sleeps: 2
Best For: All Vehicles
Cargo Crossbars: Optional
Store Thick Bedding: No
Weight: 160 lbs
Interior Dimensions: 86"L x 48"W
Exterior Dimensions: 88"L x 50"W
Construction: Honeycomb Aluminum


Included with tent:

  • 8.5' ladder
  • Anti-condensation mat
  • Dual detachable pockets
  • Privacy tent
  • LED lights

Additional Dimensions:

  • Height: 6.5" when closed
  • Width left-right between Roofnest mounting rails: 31.5"
  • Max Headroom: 60" when open
  • Minimum distance front-back between rack crossbars: 30"


Materials & Construction:

Aluminum Shell

The top shell is a sandwich construction with 2 sheets of aluminum and a 1 cm insulating foam in between. The bottom shell is made with honeycomb aluminum that features 2 accessory channels for mounting gear. The accessory channels allow up to 75 lbs per side. Every Roofnest roof top tent is rated to support up to 650 lbs.

Wall Material

The Falcon 2 tent material consists of 320g poly-cotton – GRS certified (recycled) w blackout coating on the inside. The black coating does an exceptional job of blocking out any light so your tent  becomes the perfect sleeping cave.

Gear Grid

A Gear grid on the ceiling keeps you well organized by providing 5 large pockets and 1 clear pocket for watching videos on your tablet or phone.


Comes with an 8.5 foot aluminum telescoping ladder with slanted steps for comfort.

Built-in Mattress

The Falcon 2 has a 2.5 inch thick true memory foam mattress (the type first used by astronauts). It’s so comfortable, it may be time to upgrade your bed at home to the one that’s in this tent! The days of thin, roll out foam pads on hard, uneven ground are over!