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MAXTRAX Kinetic Recovery Ropes


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The MAXTRAX Kinetic Ropes are designed, as their name suggests, to be the kinetic element during a vehicle recovery. The MAXTRAX KINETIC ROPES produce increased kinetic power compared to flat snatch straps, with up to 30% ELONGATION providing a smoother, safer dynamic recovery.


  • The MAXTRAX Kinetic Ropes have been designed and tested as part of the MAXTRAX Recovery System.
  • The MAXTRAX Recovery System is comprised solely of MAXTRAX products and has not been tested with any third-party-branded products.
  • Critically, if the MAXTRAX Recovery System is overloaded the MAXTRAX FUSE Shackle is designed to be the weakest link, and the expected point of failure.
  • Accordingly, YOU MUST USE a MAXTRAX Fuse Shackle in the MAXTRAX Recovery System during any vehicle recovery.


MAXTRAX Kinetic Rope 5m
Weight: 5.5 lbs
Length: 24mm x 5m
MBS: 12000kg / 26455lb

MAXTRAX Kinetic Rope 10m
Weight: 9.5 lbs
Length: 10mm x 30m (100ft)
MBS: 12000kg / 26455lb