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DIY Slide Tracks & Rails


DIY Slide Tracks & Rails

Can’t find just the right size slide for your project? We have the solution! 

A Do-It-Yourself slide with seven height adjustments possible. The slide uses a locking/non-locking track rated at up to 500 pounds.  The slide tracks extend 100%.  

We supply a pair slide channels and tracks, and you supply the plywood for the cargo to sit on.  You cut the plywood to the custom size of choice to fit your project.  

Projects:  Motorhome basement slide.  Odd size width and/or depth project.  Can’t find the exact size?  Use our Slide tracks to make your own custom slide.

Choose the length of slide you want from the list, and you do the rest! 

The DIY Slide has 7 configurations.  you can adjust the cargo level into seven different heights depending on your needs.  Have a lip or protrusion you need to get over? No problem!  The DIY Slide system can   be adjusted to the following heights:

From the bolt down location:

1:            .5” inches as the Lowest setting

2:            1.25”

3:            2”

4:            2.5”

5:            3.25”

6:            4”

7:            4.75”


Not enough height?  We also have the optional TemboTusk Riser Blocks that will add   2.25” and 3.25” to any measurement listed above.  See the images for the Riser blocks in the photos.  The blocks can be purchased through the drop down menu. 


The DIY Slide will ship in the lowest setting.  You can adjust to the height needed with simple tools.


Don't forget the TemboTusk Fridge Straps!