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OEV Hudson Bay

You see a lot of flatbed trucks running around these parts. It makes sense - in the land of ranching and farming, a flatbed is the ultimate workhorse vehicle.

But a flatbed isn’t just for the hard work on the farm…

Instead, a flatbed truck is the ideal base for a camping or overlanding rig. With the maximum power and cargo capacity of an HD truck (the models most often equipped with flatbeds), you can add a camper like the OEV Hudson Bay without worrying that you’re exceeding the flatbed’s payload capacity or taxing its engine.

I know what you’re thinking - how can you continue using your flatbed for work if there’s a big camper on the back? Well, the OEV Hudson Bay is a removable camper, so you can put it on your flatbed when it’s time to enjoy the great outdoors and take it off when it’s time to get some work done. It’s the best of both worlds!

Read on to learn more about the OEV Hudson Bay and why it’s such a great choice for your camping needs.

The Build Quality of the OEV Hudson Bay is Second to None

First things first…

OEV is well-known in the industry for making high-quality products, and its Hudson Bay camper is no exception. A prime example of this is the OEV Gen 4 composite panels used on the camper. These panels are one-and-a-half inches thick and provide an insulation value of R8, which helps keep the interior cooler in warm weather and warmer in cool weather.

Likewise, the camper’s aluminum extrusions are lightweight, robust, and powder-coated for long-term durability. While we’re on the topic of powder-coating, the interior aluminum cabinetry is powder-coated, too.


Another example of OEV’s smart build choices is the high-traffic Lonseal vinyl flooring inside the camper. You can get it wet, dirty, muddy, or a combination thereof, and not worry about water penetration or damage.

When you’re investing in a camper, you want something that can stand up to use. Campers are bound to get dirty (especially if you have kids!), so having something like the Hudson Bay allows you to enjoy your time outdoors. The whole point of having a camper is to use it - not constantly worry about how your adventures will negatively affect it!

This Camper Includes the Water, Fuel, and Electric Capabilities You Need

When you take off on a camping trip, you want to have everything you need right there with you, and the OEV Hudson Bay certainly helps you do that. On the one hand, it comes with a 20-pound propane tank inside an aluminum cabinet so you have the fuel you need to cook and heat the camper.

On the other hand, the Hudson Bay is equipped with a 38-gallon fresh water tank so you have all the water you need for drinking, washing dishes, and bathing, whether that’s inside (there’s a shower under the dinette) or outside using the Sagiv outdoor shower connection.

What’s more, OEV includes a 12-volt water pump and a Truma Aquago hot water system, so you get good water pressure for hot and cold water at any of the camper’s taps.

Propane and water are only part of the story, though. A camper should have an electrical system that enables you to camp off-grid for an extended period of time, and the Hudson Bay delivers on this point. It comes standard with the following electrical components:

  • 220 watts of solar panels on the roof
  • A Victron Blue Smart IP22 charger
  • A Victron Smart Solar MPPT 100-30 solar controller
  • A Victron Orion TR Smart 12-30 DC/DC charger

Not only that, but you also get LED lighting throughout the interior and exterior, USB Type A and C ports, and a battery box for your favorite camping power supply. Of course, all of these features are inside a camper that includes a four-inch queen-size mattress, a dinette that folds into a 38”x77” bed, and a galley with a fridge/freezer, a stainless steel sink, and a cooktop. That’s not bad for a rig that sits on your flatbed truck and can be removed when you like!

OEV Has Incorporated Comfort Features Into the Hudson Bay

OEV Hudson BaySome folks might think that camping with a flatbed truck would be a cramped, uncomfortable experience. But that’s what’s so great about OEV - they manage to squeeze all sorts of comfort-related amenities into their flatbed campers. For example, in addition to the fridge/freezer mentioned above (which is a 164-liter DC unit, by the way), the Hudson Bay comes with a Truma Vario heating system with a thermostat to keep you warm, a multi-speed roof vent to circulate fresh air (it even has a roller blind!), and four-inch-thick medium density foam cushions to sit on in the dinette. The cushions are even covered with marine-grade fabrics, which enhance their durability while making them easy to clean.

OEV Hudson BayThe Hudson Bay also has room for adding your own porta potty (which slides out from underneath the passenger-side dinette seat), dual-pane acrylic windows with shades and screens, and storage galore so you can keep your gear organized and out of sight, leaving you with more room to lounge and enjoy your camper. The hard-sided design is certainly a comfort amenity, too. While the pop up designs lend themselves to a lower profile (OEV had pop up/soft side too), the hard sided Hudson Bay enables you to equip your unit with a 12v AC unit as a factory option. This is a huge benefit to camp comfortable in the southern US in the warmer months. And, some camping areas require hard-sided rigs because of the danger of large predators, like bears. With a hard-sided flatbed camper like this, you can lounge and sleep worry-free knowing that you’re protected by robust, durable construction that uses high-quality components.

You Can Customize the OEV Hudson Bay to Your Liking

OEV Hudson BayThe OEV Hudson Bay comes with all sorts of standard features - everything discussed so far, apart from the toilet! But not every camper meets every person’s needs, which is why the customization options with this camper are so important. Let’s say you want to add more solar panels to the roof that allow you to stay off-grid longer. No problem! You can add a second 220-watt solar panel to get the job done. If you need more power, a 2000-watt or 3000-watt Victron inverter is available, too. Perhaps you need more storage space. You can add under-bed storage that features three compartments for small, frequently used items. Or maybe you want to level up the comfort factor with a 12-volt DC Nomadic air conditioner - that’s an option as well! From an induction cooktop to a porta potty to a gurney-style bunk and beyond, there’s no shortage of options you can add to your Hudson Bay camper build.

What’s Better Than a Comfortable, Functional, Removable Camper?

OEV Hudson Bay

Different folks have different camping needs, that’s for sure. But it’s hard to argue against a setup like a flatbed truck and a removable hard-sided camper like the OEV Hudson Bay.

This camper has all the comfort items you could want, wrapped in a durable, functional body that gives you space for seating, sleeping, cooking, storage, and more. All the while, it’s on a truck that pulls double-duty as your camping and work truck. What’s not to like?

You can create a better camping experience with an OEV Hudson Bay, especially if you let us help you with the process. Contact us today to build your camper and kick off the spring camping season right. We’re not named BTR - that’s better - for nothing. We’ll help you customize a Hudson Bay camper to your liking and ensure you’re ready to roll in style!