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planar heatersThere are few things worse on a camping trip than shivering through a cold night. Sure, you can slide into a sleeping bag to keep warm, but getting out of your bag in the morning inside a cold tent (or in the middle of the night to answer nature’s call) is downright miserable. Some folks prefer having a wood stove in their tent for warmth. Others use electric heat, like electric blankets, to keep the chill away. There are problems with these kinds of heat sources, though. On the one hand, a wood stove has to be tended throughout the night. On the other hand, an electric blanket doesn’t do anything to heat the space inside the tent. So, what do you do? The simple answer is this - invest in a portable diesel heater for camping!

What is a Portable Diesel Heater for Camping?

planar heaterThere’s really no mystery to portable diesel heaters. As the name implies, it’s a heater powered by diesel that you can easily move from one place to the next. Diesel heater manufacturers have devised a pretty ingenious system to achieve this portability factor. For example, Planar Heaters offers diesel air heaters that come inside crushproof and rain-resistant cases. On the one hand, this kind of durability means you’ll get years of use out of the heater without worrying about the rough-and-tumble nature of camping and overlanding and whether your adventures will cause damage to the heater. On the other hand, the integrated handle in heaters like this allows you to grab and go as you please. Pop the heater in the bed of your truck for the drive up to your favorite campsite, then grab it and set it up next to your tent in a flash for a nice, cozy, and warm evening of sleep.

planar heaterThe components inside a portable diesel heater are pretty straightforward. Aside from the heater, there’s a fuel tank, a combustion chamber, and a heat exchanger. Some models, like those from Planar Heaters, include a silencer to minimize the operational noise of the unit. There’s also ductwork that funnels the warm air from the heater inside the tent. Most portable diesel heaters run on 12-volt power, so you need a battery on hand to run it (in combination with the diesel fuel, of course). But apart from connecting your heater to an electric power source, running the duct inside your tent, and firing it up, there’s really not a lot of setup involved.

What Brand of Diesel Heater is Best?

planar heaterThe brand of portable diesel heater we offer is Planar Heaters, which is pictured throughout this article. While there are a lot of quality diesel heaters out there, there are also a lot of really terrible ones made from cheap materials imported from China. Planar Heaters has been in the business for a long time, and has established itself as one of the premiere heater distributors in North America. Planar Heaters stands behind its products with a two-year warranty that covers free parts replacement, in-shop warranty service, and if necessary, product replacement with a refurbished, fully operational unit. These heaters are built like tanks, too. The quality of the components is second to none, and the design and functionality of these heaters further highlight why Planar Heaters is such a good choice.

Advantages of a Portable Diesel Heater for Camping

planar heaterInvesting in a portable diesel heater for camping gives you the obvious benefit of having a reliable heat source for your adventures. But these heaters provide many other tangible benefits, too. For example, Planar Heaters portable diesel heaters give you the flexibility of running on either diesel or kerosene. In either case, you still need a 12-volt power source, but you have the peace of mind knowing there’s some flexibility with the type of fuel you use. Another benefit of these heaters is that they operate at exceptionally high altitudes - up to 13,700 feet above sea level, depending on the model. This is possible because of the efficiency of Planar Heaters. High-altitude camping means there’s less oxygen, which reduces the efficiency of any diesel heater. However, the Planar models we have in stock are still capable of producing enough heat output to keep you warm, even at extreme altitudes.

planar heater

You also have some choices when it comes to the heat output of your portable diesel heater for camping. For example, Planar Heaters offers 2kw and 4kw models. The 2kw model is rated for use up to 8,200 feet, while the 4kw model gives you reliable heat output up to the 13,700-foot figure mentioned earlier.

You can pair your 2kw or 4kw Planar portable diesel heater with either a five-foot or ten-foot duct. The duct moves the heated air from the portable heater into your tent or RV. This reveals two related advantages. First, since the unit sits outside, you don’t have to worry about it taking up precious space inside. Second, and more importantly, with the unit outside, there’s much less risk for carbon monoxide poisoning to occur.

In fact, no exhaust gasses or carbon monoxide are mixed with the heated air. As the warm air blows into your tent or RV, you can rest assured it’s clean, safe, and healthy air that heats the space and nothing more.

planar heaterThe type of heat produced by a portable diesel heater for camping is an advantage, too. These heaters create instant, dry heat, so not only do you get immediate relief from the cold, but you also get the benefit of dry heat. There’s no worry about your heat source creating a condensation problem! As if that isn’t enough, these Planar Heaters models come with a wired remote that allows you to adjust the heat output without getting out of bed. Roll over in the middle of the night, crank it up or turn it down to your heart’s content, roll back over, and go back to sleep! It’s also worth mentioning that these heaters use around half a gallon to one gallon of fuel in an eight-hour period. With that kind of efficiency and output, you can have heat all night long without worry that your heater will sputter and shut off due to a lack of fuel.

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Safety Features of a Portable Diesel Heater for Camping

planar heater

The biggest safety feature of a portable diesel heater was mentioned above - since it sits outside, there’s less risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. 

But more than that, having the heat source outside also means you don’t have to worry about accidental fuel spills inside your tent or RV, nor do you have to worry about fire risk inside your shelter or the potential for burn injuries.

Other safety features include the following: 

  • A large filler cap for the fuel tank to minimize the risk of fuel spills
  • An integrated air filter to ensure the heater has clean air to operate
  • An available bright yellow body color to reduce tripping hazards
  • A large base width to prevent the unit from tipping over

planar heaterOf course, these safety features and the excellent heat output are available in a variety of applications. You can use these heaters to warm up your tent or yurt, your teardrop trailer or travel trailer, or your RV, boat, or ice fishing hut, for that matter. Furthermore, a portable diesel heater for camping can be a nice backup heat source at home in the event of a power outage. While a 2kw or 4kw heater won’t heat your whole house (unless it’s a tiny house!), you could duct the heat into the kitchen or utility room to prevent pipes from freezing and do so in a completely safe manner.

Better Heat for a Better Camping Experience

planar heater

There is no need to continue suffering through chilly nights on your camping trips. With the efficiency and functionality of a portable diesel heater for camping, you can easily take warm, dry heat with you wherever you go in whatever shelter you like to use. 

Explore the 2kw Planar portable diesel heater and the 4kw version more thoroughly on our website, and if you have questions, be sure to contact one of our experts, who can help you decide which heater is the right choice for your needs. We’re all about making your camping experience better - that’s why BTR (pronounced better) is in our name!