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We’re living in the golden age of outdoor travel. Companies across the nation are designing and building incredible RVs, travel trailers, fifth wheels, and campervans that allow us to get out and explore more often and with a greater level of comfort.

In recent years, the teardrop trailer market has joined the fray, too. And unlike teardrop trailers of old, today’s teardrops have a surprisingly high level of features and amenities that have caused an explosion in the popularity of these compact, easy to tow rigs.


One of our favorite teardrops is the TOPO2 by Escapod, and when you consider the many amenities that come with a TOPO2, it’s easy to understand why we’re so keen on this model! We want you to understand its many benefits, too, so in today’s post, we’ll give you a little background about the TOPO2 and compare its two versions, the Voyager and Nomad, so you can determine which setup is right for your needs.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Escapod TOPO2 Basics

Let’s start with the foundation of the TOPO2 trailer…

The Voyager and Nomad models both have a composite fiberglass body featuring an infused structural PET core made from recycled milk cartons. What does that mean, you ask? Well, it’s simple! Not only is this composite body made from a single piece of composite material, thereby eliminating the possibility of roof leaks, but it’s also incredibly strong.

escapod A teardrop trailer meant to go off-road has to be durable above all else, and the TOPO2 certainly delivers with this single-piece body. There’s no wood to rot or mold, no body panels to pop off on a rough trail. Instead, you get a rock-solid teardrop trailer that can handle the rough stuff with ease. 

Not only that, but this design means the TOPO2 is far lighter than the competition. Without a heavy wood or metal frame forming the walls and ceiling under the composite body (the PET core provides the necessary structural stability), you can enjoy an off-road trailer that’s not just durable but also much lighter and easier to tow. Nice! Both TOPO2 models ride on

escapoda laser-cut 2x1-inch tube steel frame that’s hot-dip galvanized. This type of frame offers two primary benefits. First, it’s lightweight, and second, it’s extremely durable. A third benefit is that the trailer’s body bolts directly to the frame, which gives it even more stiffness and stability, but without adding additional weight.

In fact, both TOPO2 models tip the scales at less than 2,000 pounds dry, so the chances are good that you can tow it with the vehicle you already own. All you have to do is decide which TOPO2 is for you, hook up, and off you go!

Off-Road Capabilities of the TOPO2


The TOPO2 is a robust off-road trailer that’s ready for adventures near and far. In addition to the robust body-on-frame design, the folks at Escapod have also outfitted the TOPO2 models with a proprietary shock-in-spring independent trailing-arm Freeride suspension.

This suspension is designed to handle the rough stuff, to say the least. It offers up to five inches of independent travel per side, meaning this trailer can follow your Jeep or other adventure vehicle down virtually any trail. With that much movement, the trailer’s tires retain contact with the ground, giving you an improved towing experience with greatly reduced trailer lean through corners.


The result of all this is a trailer that’s a dream to tow. There’s far less rocking and rolling on rough terrain, and on paved roads, you might even forget you’re towing a trailer, given the ride is so smooth!

If you opt for a TOPO2 Voyager, you’ll get the added benefit of 16-inch Vision 355 Manx 2 Overland wheels wrapped in 265/75/16 General Grabber AT/X tires. If you opt for the Nomad model, your trailer will have Vision Soft 8 wheels with 265/75/16 General ATP tires. In either case, your TOPO2 will be ready for whatever terrain you throw at it.

Standard Mechanical Systems of the TOPO2


Just because the TOPO2 is ready for rough trails doesn’t mean it can’t also provide you with an absurd level of comfort once you get to your destination. Part of that equation is having a well-designed mechanical system…

Both TOPO2 models come standard with a 100ah VPR 4EVER lithium battery, which is used to power the trailer’s 12-volt system. That system includes ample LED lighting throughout the cabin and galley, plus ground lights underneath both cabin doors. The LED lighting is warm-toned, so it’s easy on the eyes, and it’s also dimmable.

The Voyager and Nomad models also offer numerous USB ports for charging your devices. Whether you need to charge your iPad while you watch a movie in bed or need to plug in your phone in the galley while you cook dinner, the TOPO2 has your back.


There are other mechanical goodies in these trailers, too…

For example, the TOPO2 Nomad comes standard with the 100ah battery and LED lighting mentioned above, plus a MaxxAir fan to circulate fresh air in the cabin. You can step things up a notch with the TOPO2 Voyager, though, which features these additional mechanical systems:

  • A 140-watt solar panel from Lightleaf Solar
  • A Truma Combi Eco heater and hot water heater
  • A 21-gallon water tank

In either case, you get a trailer with solid mechanicals that allow you to have a more comfortable and functional trip.

Escapod TOPO2 Voyager vs Nomad Cabin


Both TOPO2 models have a fully-featured cabin with a queen-sized six-inch memory foam mattress, an angled headboard for comfortably sitting up in bed, and 42.5 inches of headroom. Both models also feature a huge 2.5x5-foot stargazer window, so you can drift off to sleep while checking out a sky full of stars.

The Voyager is the more well-appointed of the two (though the Nomad is no slouch). The Voyager model offers a tiered cabinet system that offers nearly eight cubic feet of storage space but also gives you more space to bring your knees up to sit and watch a movie on your laptop as it sits on the integrated laptop stand.


The Nomad, meanwhile, offers a more traditional storage system that offers the same eight cubic feet of storage but is organized in two cabinets, four cubbies, and various other open spaces for packing cubes to keep your gear neatly organized.

Both trailers have a heated mudroom at each door that allows you to take your muddy shoes off in comfort and store them away before sliding your legs and feet into the cabin. The Voyager model comes with an enclosed coat closet, while the Nomad keeps things a bit more open with two coat hooks at each entry door.


Another shared feature between the Voyager and Nomad models are the dual 4” W x 15” L x 

8.6” H nightstands on either side of the bed. Both nightstands have cutouts on the inside face, where you can keep your phone, glasses, a flashlight, or other small items you might need to grab and go. You can also easily charge your phone using the USB port or wireless charging point inset on the nightstands.

In other words, this cabin is meant for relaxing. Between the spacious memory foam bed, the abundance of storage to keep your gear out of the way, and the huge stargazer window to let in light and fresh air, the TOPO2 is ready-made for afternoon napping after a hard hike or bike ride!

Escapod TOPO2 Voyager vs Nomad Galley


The area that sees the most differences between the Voyager and Nomad models is the galley. The Nomad is designed to give you the ultimate freedom for utilizing the gear you already have. For example, its galley offers spaces for water storage, a stove, and a cooler.

Additionally, the Nomad has a large stainless steel countertop for food prep, modular shelving you can adjust to accommodate your specific needs, and storage galore for food, utensils, and other kitchen-related items.


On the other hand, the Voyager offers a ready-made solution with all the essentials you need for preparing meals on the road. Wash dishes in the full-size sink with hot and cold water, whip up dinner on the 8,000 BTU ENO dual burner cooktop, and keep your food fresh in the standard YETI 75 cooler. You can also upgrade to an ARB 63 fridge/freezer, if you like.

Other goodies in the Voyager galley include a spice rack, a hidden knife set and cutting board, and an outdoor shower, to name a few. Both the Voyager and Nomad models feature RED LED lighting capabilities, too, which helps minimize light pollution while attracting far fewer bugs.

Which TOPO2 Offers You the Better Experience?

We got into the outdoor adventure business because we want other people to have a better experience exploring the world around them. That’s why BTR - pronounced “better” - is in our name! And with the TOPO2 from Escapod, that better adventure awaits!


If you’re looking for an Escapod TOPO2 for sale, we’ve got you covered with several trailers on our lot, each with varying features and amenities. Our Escapod inventory also represents varying price points, so you can find the trailer that best fits your needs and budget.

Of course, we’re here to answer your questions about our Escapod trailers and help you realize your outdoor adventure dreams. Call 1-888-323-5902 to speak to one of our knowledgeable experts, or, better yet, if you’re in the Abeline, Texas, area, drop by our headquarters at 6662 I-20 to have a look at these trailers up close and personal!