The Ford Transit is one of the most popular platforms for building a van pop-top. Why? Well, it’s simple, really! These vans offer excellent build quality, reliable engines, decent power, and the ability to safely customize them for overlanding and off-roading use.

Additionally, Ford offers the Transit in varying lengths and with different roofs, as indicated by LR, MR, and HR, which stand for “low roof,” “medium roof,” and “high roof.”

It can be difficult to envision how these different van pop-top options are built without getting a first-hand glimpse at each one. So, let’s do a quick comparison of LR, MR, and HR Ford Transit models, complete with details about some of the Transit vans we have in stock right now.

How are Ford Transit Models Different?

Ford Transit Campervan

First and foremost, the various Ford Transit vans we have in stock vary in their roof heights. As noted a moment ago, they come in “low roof,” “medium roof,” and “high roof” variations that offer different levels of customization. For example, interior cabinetry can be taller in high roof models, giving you additional storage space over a low roof or medium roof model.

Of course, the varying roof heights mean these models have different handling. A low roof model, for example, has a lower center of gravity than medium or high roof models because the van stands roughly 82 inches tall (from the factory; the height might be taller with aftermarket accessories). By contrast, a medium roof Transit van is about 101 inches tall - a difference of 19 inches. The high roof model is nearly 110 inches tall.

You shouldn’t throw any of these vans around sharp corners at high speeds, but with the added height and weight associated with the MR and LR models, extra care should be taken when driving.

Ford Transit Campervan

Another way van pop-top models from Ford differ is their length. Regular length Transit vans measure around 220 inches while long and extra long versions are in the 236-inch and 264-inch ranges. Obviously, the longer the van, the greater the interior space for living and storage areas.

When choosing between LR, MR, and HR models, and regular, long, and extra long versions, the most important thing to consider is the space you require. A regular-length Transit van with a low roof might be all you need if you’re a solo traveler or a couple on shorter journeys. A van with a long or extra-long length and a high roof might be necessary if you travel with your family or pets, or if you have a lot of gear to haul, such as skis, mountain bikes, or surfboards.

Build a Van Pop-Top With any Ford Transit Model

ford transit campervan

The good news is that no matter which length and roof option you choose, you can customize a Ford Transit van in an incredible number of ways.

Upgrade the exterior with off-road features like a winch, outfit the interior with spaces for sleeping, eating, and lounging, or add a van pop-top to the mix. In fact, many of the Ford Transits we currently have in stock have pop-top roof conversions courtesy of Colorado Camper Van.

ford transit campervan

These pop tops are meticulously designed and expertly installed such that they become an integral part of the van. Installing a pop-top on a Ford Transit doesn’t void the warranty, nor does it diminish the safety or security of the van. Though it does add additional height and weight to the van, the Transit platform remains grounded and well-balanced with minimal disruption to the driving experience.

Better yet, Colorado Camper Van does these conversions in a way that the original systems of the Ford Transit are retained, if at all possible. That means that air conditioning and heating vents, lighting, and side airbags still work as they should. The difficult part is simply picking which Transit Van model to use as the base for your camper!

Interior Features of Ford Van Pop-Tops

ford transit campervan

The possibilities for interior amenities in these vans are virtually limitless…

For example, the 2022 Transit 250 LR model shown above comes standard with factory options like a forward collision warning system, hill start assist, and Sync 4 Bluetooth. This van also features a galley with an induction cooktop, a sink, a refrigerator, and an Aqua-Hot water and heating system.

And despite being a low roof model, the van pop-top from Colorado Camper Vans makes the interior much more roomy and airy. Not only is there more headroom, but there’s also space for two people to sleep above and room for two more to sleep down below.

ford transit campervan

Meanwhile, the 2022 Ford Transit 350 MR cargo van shown above offers ample storage space, seating and seat belts for four people, and room to sleep up to six. The full galley is similar to the one in the 250 LR model discussed above, featuring hot and cold water, a fridge, and a cooktop, along with drawers and cupboards for your kitchen items.

The va additionally features a dinette that converts to a bed, a rooftop air conditioner, and a porta potty conveniently hidden away in a cabinet. The electrical system is robust, to say the least, with 600ah of lithium battery power, a REDARC battery management system, and a 2000-watt Xantrex true sine wave inverter.

ford transit campervan

The 2022 Ford Transit 250 HR cargo van shown above features the highest roof of the bunch. It also has unique features like a seat, toilet, shower combination immediately behind the driver’s seat. If you flip up the rear passenger seat, you’ll find a cassette toilet for when nature calls, and the area doubles as an interior shower for cleaning up after long days on the trail.

This van also has features like a collapsible dining table, a flip-down cooktop for cooking outside, and a rear cargo area under the bed, complete with a sliding tray for easier access to your gear.

These are just a few highlights of these vans’ interiors; the list of amenities is far too long to enumerate them all here. But you get the idea - these vans come with an array of features that make them comfortable and functional options for your camping and overlanding needs.

Exterior Upgrades for Ford Van Pop-Tops

ford transit campervan


Each of the sample vans we’re discussing also feature unique exterior upgrades that make each one adept at different overlanding pursuits. The low roof model, for example, is a rear-wheel-drive van with upgraded Method race wheels and BFG K02 tires that’s perfect for trips on established roads, though the two-inch lift offers more ground clearance when you need it.

This model also features an Aluminess ladder, Backpack Combo, and Tire Box Rack Combo so you can easily store gear on the van’s exterior. Factory features like a heavy-duty front axle, HD towing package, and a 360-degree camera add to its appeal as an excellent road trip van.

ford transit campervan

The 2022 Ford Transit 350 MR cargo van steps things up a notch with an AWD system, an extended 31-gallon fuel tank, and a trailer brake controller. You also get dual batteries and remote start capabilities.

Upgrades to this MR model include an Aluminess front bumper with bull bar, a two-inch front and rear suspension lift, and Method race bead grip wheels. A horizontal bike rack combo kit, Tire Box Rack combo, and driver’s side and rear ladders for roof access are other notable exterior upgrades.

ford transit campervan

And if you want a van that’s even bigger yet more capable on rough roads, the HR model can meet your needs. Not only does this van have the same two-inch lift as the MR model, but it comes with other goodies like WeldTec rear shock hardware, a two-inch lift block, two-inch aluminum lift spacers, and upgraded lower control arms.

This particular van also has an AWD 6 parking sensory upgrade kit that makes backing into tight campsites all the easier. An Aluminess front bumper and bull bar are up front while an Aluminess ladder, Tire box, and backpack combo are in the rear.

Again, each of these vans has many more exterior features and amenities, but outlining them all would make for a much longer article! If these brief descriptions whet your appetite for a pop top camper van, we’re happy to answer any questions you have about these or the other conversion vans we have in stock.

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