Overlanding trailers are a dime a dozen these days. You can buy a big trailer or a small trailer, an on-road trailer or one that is capable of off-road travel. The possibilities are truly endless!

But…not all overlanding trailers are made alike. They don’t all have the same specs and features and certainly don’t have the same functionality, build quality, and capabilities. In other words, some trailers stand out in the crowd because they are simply better than most. The SNO Trailers Alpine is one such example.

We recently added the SNO Trailers Alpine to our collection of available towables and are excited to share why it might be the perfect overlanding trailer for your needs. This guide will help introduce you to this go-anywhere, do-anything trailer!

The Alpine is the Perfect Base Camp

Camping is often about congregating in one place. It makes sense - overlanding is all about experiencing the great outdoors together with your favorite people!

With the Alpine in tow, you have the perfect base camp for overlanding with friends and family. On the one hand, this trailer has a large galley on the passenger’s side and at the rear, where you and your loved ones can prepare meals, cook dinner, and have fun together while doing it. Add an awning to the mix, and you’ve got a large, protected space to hang out, eat great food, enjoy some after-dinner drinks, and play a few games, too.

On the other hand, SNO Trailers equips the Alpine with all sorts of electrical gadgets that allow you and your camping buddies to charge up and stay connected. Have your friends over for dinner, and they can use the integrated USB ports on either side of the trailer to charge up their phones, iPads, or whatever other devices they have along for the ride.

Powering these USB ports is a robust Renogy electrical system, including a 100AH AGM battery, a battery monitor, and a waterproof solar charge controller. The Alpine is also outfitted with a NOCO Genius battery charger, an external solar plug for charging the battery via a portable solar panel, and Switch-Pros panels, too. Not bad for a rugged overlanding trailer, right?!

Need Storage? No Problem!

 Another prime reason to invest in a SNO Trailers Alpine is the abundance of storage space for your gear. For example, there’s a full-width fixed storage tray for large items, integrated molle panels on the side doors for smaller items, and two side boxes, each of which includes stainless-steel surfaces, a Switch-Pros panel, and a USB port.

The amount of storage is only part of what’s so impressive; the available storage is usable, functional, and customizable to your needs as well.

This type of smart storage means you can load up your gear (up to 2,000 pounds worth!) and keep it neatly organized so you know precisely where everything is. Thanks to the smart use of trays, boxes, cubbies, and drawers, you’ll spend less time trying to find your gear and more time actually enjoying your time outside.

 The SNO Trailers Alpine is Built to Last

When you invest in an overlanding trailer, you want it to be something that lasts for years and years. Take it from us; not all overlanding trailers are built to withstand the rigors of hard use over an extended period of time. But the Alpine is different…

A good example of this is the use of a steel frame for strength and durability. The frame is powder-coated to provide an extra layer of protection, and a proprietary anti-rust base coating is used to keep rust out of the equation. 

Moreover, SNO Trailers offers a couple of durable suspension options to help you cover tough trails. The Alpine comes standard with a Timbren suspension, but if you want to level up the trailer’s capabilities, you can replace the Timbren with a fully integrated long-travel Fabtech suspension with shocks and brakes. Nice!

In other words, you can use this trailer with confidence in the rain, snow, mud, and muck and worry less about what the elements will do to the trailer. The folks at SNO Trailers have refined this trailer to be the reliable companion you demand for your adventures, and that’s why we’re so proud to offer it to our customers!

Customize the Alpine to Your Specific Needs

As discussed in a previous post about this trailer, you can add any number of optional features to supplement the already impressive standard features. Upgrade the electrical system with solar panels, a second battery, and improved electronics. Add more capability to the trailer with  a spare tire carrier, a premium spare 17-inch Method wheel, and a 275/70/R17 all-terrain spare tire.

If you want to focus on even more functionality, consider adding a Joolca HOTTAP Essentials Kit so you can have hot water on the go. Pair that with a shower mount and shower, and you can get cleaned up after a day of adventuring and enjoy hot water while you do it!


The list of optional features goes on and on from there…

  • 270-degree awning
  • Rooftop tent
  • Dometic stove and stainless steel sink
  • Rear pullout with slide
  • Fabtech suspension

And that’s not even a complete list. In fact, there are so many available options that you can create a truly bespoke trailer. We can help you with that process, too, of course!

Roughing It Without Roughing It in the SNO Trailers Alpine

The specs, features and amenities of the SNO Trailers Alpine put it firmly in the luxury trailer segment of overlanding. That means you can rough it without roughing it! Take the comforts of home like a tent, shower, and fully featured kitchen with you on your adventures, and enjoy a nice balance between exploring the great outdoors and having luxuries like hot water, onboard power, and an awning to protect you from the elements.

It’s safe to say that a trailer like the Alpine helps you have an improved outdoor experience. Its combination of off-road prowess, creature comforts, and capabilities will help make your adventures all the better. That’s our purpose, too - to help folks like you get out there more often and have a better time doing it. That’s why BTR (pronounced better) is in our name!

Our experts are available to give you more details about the SNO Trailers Alpine and help you outfit it according to your needs. Drop by our facility just off I-20 in Abilene, Texas, or call us at 1-888-323-5902 to get the process started. You can also send us a message to get more details.