Pre-Owned 2022 TAXA Tigermoth


SKU: 4001

Meet TigerMoth.

A small camper trailer built for adventuring, TigerMoth has sleeping room for 2 adults (+3 with an optional rooftop tent), and features a convenient slide-out camp kitchen with a two-burner portable stove. Perfect for those who venture to the further reaches of nature, this lightweight trailer can handle most terrain and conditions you throw at it. Whether you seek darker night skies, remote camping spots, or just value the elegance of well-designed simplicity, see what unfolds.
Key Specs:
  • 12'10" length: Storable in standard garage
  • Dry Weight: 1,310 lbs
  • Sleeps 2 adults (+3 adults with optional rooftop tent)
  • Open design offers optimal ventilation and views
Exterior Width 6'7"
Exterior Length 12'10"
Dry Weight (including standard features only) 1,310 lbs
Exterior Height 6’8”(7’1” w/ Awning)
Interior Height 4'7" to 3'9"
Interior Width (max) 4'7"
Bed Dimensions (max width) 80" x 54"
Fresh Water NATO Can 5 gallon
Tires 235/75R15
Ground Clearance 15"
Tongue Weight (depends on load) 127 lbs
Tongue Length 1,310 lbs
Tongue Height 20"
GVWR 2,200 lbs
GAWR 2,000 lbs
Capacity 2 Adults (+RTT)
Cargo Capacity 990 lbs
Aluminum Panels Aluminum Alloy ASTM B 209

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