50L Legacy Smart Fridge/Freezer


The best got even better: The new legacy smart fridge/freezer

With decades of proven experience on every major continent, National Luna’s portable 12V fridges and freezers have consistently outperformed the competition and set the industry’s benchmark for durability, efficiency, and performance. Today, they set another standard with the unveiling of their newly improved Legacy Smart Fridges and Freezers with Bluetooth technology.

Features only available on the Legacy Smart Fridge/Freezer:

  •   Bluetooth connectivity with the NL Connect App
  •   Change temp readings from Celsius to Fahrenheit 
  •   Turn off individual zones in dual control models

The new Legacy Smart Fridge/Freezer is compatible with the NL Connect App, National Luna’s mobile application, featuring Bluetooth® wireless technology that allows you to interact wirelessly with your National Luna products.

With the NL Connect App connected to your fridge/freezer, you can:

  • Monitor live fridge temperatures and status.
  • Control temperature set-points.
  • Adjust fridge operating modes.
  • Get notified of fault conditions. 
  • Everything you can do on the fridge display is possible on NL Connect

The National Luna Fridge is one of our top 2 most used fridges! Watch Video Below for a more in-depth view of the fridge:

The Legacy & Legacy Smart Fridge/Freezers share all these features:

Powered by their latest ingenuity, a proprietary Off-Road Compressor, the new National Luna Legacy & Legacy Smart Fridge/Freezers will cool down faster and stay cool longer, all with less energy, and harness the power of remote control through your phone.


The new National Luna Legacy & Legacy Smart Fridges/Freezers run on less energy thanks to the hard work of the new proprietary National Luna Off-Road Compressor, resulting in a performance increase.


Smarter construction is one element of National Luna’s superior performance. Smarter compressor control is the other. The National Luna Off-Road Compressor will automatically operate in the high-speed TURBO mode until the temperature set point is reached. Thereafter it will operate in the energy-efficient idle mode, ensuring optimal power consumption. Because different battery types can be discharged to various levels, you have the power to select the depth of discharge of the battery, ie. how low you intend to allow the battery to flatten.


National Luna fridges now boast superior cooling! Denser insulation keeps things colder longer, while their latest off-road compressor chills food and drinks faster..


National Luna fridges: Metal inside & out for toughness and faster cooling. Denser insulation keeps things colder longer thanks to a unique manufacturing process.


You will need to install the supplied Hella style plug or purchase a replacement fridge cord with the Lighter-Hella combo plug.


Features only available on the Legacy Smart Fridge/Freezer:

  •   Bluetooth connectivity with the NL Connect App
  •   Change temp readings from Celsius to Fahrenheit 
  •   Turn off individual zones in dual control models


  • Powered by National Luna Off-Road Compressor
  • AC/DC Electronic Power Supply (9.6V to 31.5V DC | 110V to 240V AC)
  • 12V Power Cord with DIN-Style Male Plug & Socket Included
  • 8-Year Compressor Warranty


  • Compatible with NL Connect App
  • Easy-to-Read Digital Thermostat
  • Select Exact Temperature Preference with Programmable Intelligent Controller
  • Auto Controlled Turbo Mode (Also Available As Manually Selected Option) & Energy-Efficient Idle Mode to Ensure Optimal Power Consumption
  • Option to Select Depth of Discharge on Battery to Avoid Flatten Point
  • 3-Levels (Low/Medium/High) of Energy Efficiency with Fault-ID & Self-Diagnostic Display
  • Consistent Temperatures for Fresher Food
  • Dual Control Models Feature Independent Zone Controls


  • Rigidized 430 Stainless Steel Exterior For Durability
  • Aluminum Interior & Copper Cooling Piping for Less Cold Spots
  • Injected, High-Density Foam Insulation for Longer Cooling Period & Less Energy Consumption
  • Compact Footprint with Maximum Storage Space


  • High-Strength, Polycarbonate Carry Handles
  • Lid Has Lockable Latch
  • Dual LED Interior Lights
  • Includes Food-Grade polycarbonate Baskets
  • 3-Year Fridge / Freezer Warranty

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The ideal fridge/freezer combination for recreational users. With separate 38-litre fridge and 11-litre freezer compartments, it's the perfect choice for that weekend getaway. Dual thermostats allow settings of dual fridge, dual freezer, or a combination of fridge and freezer.

  • Thermostat Range (Left Zone): +20°C to -18°C | 68°F to -1°F
  • Thermostat Range (Right Zone): +20°C to -24°C | 68°F to -11°F
  • Dimensions: 28" L x 15" W x 20" H  | 710mm L x 385mm W x 515mm H
  • Volume (Left Zone):  10.1 gallons  | 38.3L
  • Volume (Right Zone): 2.9 gallons  | 11L
  • Weight: 54.7 lbs  | 24.8 kg