Owning a campervan is a ticket to endless adventures

Whether it's heading into the wild or taking off on the open road, your campervan is always available and always ready for adventure. Yet, equipping it with the right accessories can significantly enhance your on-road and off-road experiences. To help, we’ve put together our essential campervan gear checklist, drawing from our vast experience at BTR Outfitters both as a dealer and as avid campers ourselves.

Exterior Van Accessories

BTR Outfitters Must Have Campervan Accessories

Lift Kits

Elevating your campervan with a quality lift kit does wonders in expanding your off-road horizons. By boosting ground clearance, lift kits offer a smoother passage over rocky trails and uneven terrains, ensuring that the underbelly of your van remains unscathed. At BTR Outfitters, we curate a variety of lift kits suitable for different van models to meet your needs. Our offerings include the remarkable WeldTec Designs lift kits. WeldTec is a personal favorite. They specialize in high-performance van lifts, suspension, and off-road accessories, and their kits are thoroughly tested off-road. We have a Weldtec kit on our van and it significantly enhanced our experience this summer when we were in the Lincoln National Forest. It made the ride much smoother and enjoyable on the rough and rocky roads, and it enabled us to camp in a fantastic spot off-road that we for sure would have high centered had we not had the lift and oversized tires.


Choosing the right set of wheels and tires is more than just about aesthetics, although they do make your campervan look more rugged (and awesome). It's about being prepared for whatever the trail throws your way. You want to look at off-road tires that are tough and reliable.  A flat tire is no fun in a large vehicle in the middle of nowhere. It's also the difference between getting stuck in a muddy patch or cruising through with a grin on your face. The right tires can handle muddy, icy, or rocky/dusty trails, turning potential hurdles into part of the adventure. They aren't just tires; they're your ticket to unchartered territories.


Investing in solid bumpers is a no-brainer for any campervan enthusiast. They provide that crucial buffer against unforeseen knocks, which is a real boon when you're veering off the beaten path. We've got a selection of heavy-duty bumpers built to take on any challenges you and your family can find in the wild outdoors. There's a reassuring kind of peace you get cruising through rough terrain, knowing your campervan has that extra layer of protection. Many of the bumpers we offer are also compatible with a winch if you want that extra insurance.  And let's be real, having a sturdy bumper also gives your van that rugged look, ready to face the adventures ahead.

Exterior Add-Ons

BTR Outfitters Must Have Campervan Accessories


Getting stuck in mud or sand is a common hiccup in off-road adventures. Maxtraxx recovery boards are lifesavers in such situations, providing the necessary traction to get moving again. We offer Maxtraxx boards that are durable and easy to use. Since carrying the Maxtraxx, we’ve reminisced of the multiple occasions in years past that they would have saved hours of digging, finding sticks, and anything else to get unstuck. There’s now a set with me anytime we’re camping or going offroad.

Fuel and Water Carriers

Venturing into remote areas means you need to carry extra fuel and water. Ideally, you want your carriers designed to be securely stored and easily accessed. Here in the Texas heat, having extra water on board is a lifesaver. Thankfully a lot of the fuel and water carriers (jerry cans) are the same dimension.  So with a double jerry can holder, you can switch between fuel and water carriers based on the needs of the adventure.

Storage Solutions

Having a place for everything, and everything in its place, isn’t just some old saying. It’s a smart way to roll when you're on the road. Effective external storage solutions like roof racks or rear storage boxes are game changers. They free up valuable space inside and keep your gear organized and easy to access. Whether it’s stashing away muddy boots, or having easy access to the cooler, good storage just makes life on the road smoother. And trust me, being able to grab that cold beverage without having to dig through a mountain of gear? That's the good stuff, right there.


When the sun dips below the horizon, good exterior lighting takes center stage. It's not just about keeping the party going; it's about safely navigating your campsite and the difference between spotting that trip-wrecking rock or branch while you're moving around, or not. A well-lit exterior can transform a pitch-dark camp into a lively and safe haven, extending your enjoyable hours outdoors with your family. Plus, there's an unspoken comfort in having a well-illuminated camp, a beacon in the wild as you share stories or enjoy a quiet evening with the stars overhead.

Interior Accessories



Interior lighting creates a cozy ambiance and ensures functionality as the sun goes down. From LED strips to portable lanterns, a well-lit interior makes your van feel like home, no matter where you park.

Storage and Organizational Items

Organizing your interior space efficiently allows for a clutter-free and enjoyable camping trip. Explore shelving systems, hooks, and nets at BTR Outfitters to keep your belongings tidy and have them installed before you arrive. Having a designated spot for everything makes finding what you need a breeze, even in a compact space.

Other Comfort Amenities

Venturing outdoors doesn't mean leaving all comforts behind. Consider decking out your campervan with compact furniture, portable cookware, or even a modest entertainment system. A comfy chair can make a world of difference when you're lounging by the fire, and having the means to whip up a warm meal can turn a dreary day around. And as night falls, a little music or a movie can wrap up the day nicely. It's about blending the raw allure of nature with small comforts that make your campervan feel like a tiny, roaming home away from home.


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Equipping your campervan with the right accessories from the essential campervan gear checklist is key to enjoying a safe and comfortable adventure. Whether you're heading to the mountains or exploring desert trails, these accessories will ensure you're prepared for the adventure that meets you. Come see us at BTR Outfitters to find everything you need to gear up for your next journey. Your adventure awaits, and now you know how to make it unforgettable.

Ready to upgrade your campervan for the ultimate adventure? Explore our wide range of campervan accessories at BTR Outfitters and take the first step toward your next unforgettable journey.