Toyota Sequoia 2008-Present 2nd Gen. - Rear Plate System

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Toyota Sequoia 2008-Present 2nd Gen. - Rear Plate System is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

The Toyota Sequoia 2008-Present 2nd Gen. Rear Plate System™  provides a level and secure surface with abundant storage below the deck.

Our largest Toyota interior plate system to date and because of the additional storage below the plate you can take the option to add drawers or just use the massive space below the plate. Requires the removal of the entire 3rd row seat. Mounts to vehicle using existing holes and anchor points. No drilling or cutting required.

Featuring 4 lockable hatch doors using our compression latches, this plate is the first of its kind. This is due to the vehicle construction and layout. The plate sits approximately 8" above the base vehicle floor. With the 4 access hatches you can store your gear below and have plenty of room for additional storage on top. Additionally, you can utilize a wide selection of Goose Gear modules and install them onto the plate using the pre-installed anchor points.

Module depths up to 30" will still allow access to the forward access hatches. Perfect for our CampKitchen 2.1 or 2.2.

Due to the limited use of this vehicle in our industry, we have only been able to test fit into a model year 2011 Sequoia with Platinum Trim Level. Please verify whether this plate will or will not fit your vehicle prior to purchase. Review the pictures we have provided to ensure this unit will work with your model year and trim level. As we gain access to additional models we will most certainly add the models that work.

This is our largest and most complex interior plate to date and due to its size we are required to ship this product via truck freight. Price listed includes crating and shipping.


Legacy SKU's - PSEQ-2-PLAT