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Toyota Tundra 2nd Gen K9 Load Bar Kit


This kit includes (4) feet -or- legs and a load bar set, ie. two bars. 

The K9 Load Bar System from Eezi-Awn is a revolutionary advancement in expedition-style roof management and storage; it is thinner, lighter, stronger, quieter, more functional, more aerodynamic, more durable, and more aesthetically complimentary to your vehicle than the competition. They are powder-coated aluminum with a 8mm T-Slot on both top and bottom for attaching equipment to the top. There is a rear lip on the load bar, making it easy to drill and bolt down soft shell or hard shell roof top tents or other equipment.  K9 Load Bars can be fitted with K9 Mounting Rail and legs, gutter mount legs and grab-on feet.  The slot on the bottom of the extrusion holds the Eezi-Awn DIY rectangular extrusion which captivates the head of a M8 bolt and allows it to position anywhere in the length of the K9 Load Bar for attachment to feet or legs.


Installation of this load bar system can be done by one person in approximately 1-½ to 2 hours.  You start by locating and installing mounting points under the pinch weld trim on each side of the cab, then attach the K9 mounting rail to the roof, followed by a full set of feet and load bars on top.  Please see our Eezi-Awn K9 Tundra Cab Rack video for a more in depth explanation.