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Roof Top Tent DIY Installation Kit


The DIY (Do It Yourself) Installation Kit contains all the hardware components needed to mount your Eezi-Awn tent.  Eezi-Awn's intent with this kit is to bolt the tent down to a flat surface, or through a load bar.  The Rectangular washers are designed to captivate the head of an 8mm bolt.  Length of bolt can be changed to suit your needs.

Please note that this is the same kit that is supplied with each and every Eezi-Awn tent upon purchase, so this option is great for spare parts or for tents bought second-hand that didn't come complete.

This kit includes:
  • (4) Rectangular Aluminum Washers
  • (4) 8mm x 50mm Bolts
  • (4) 8mm Nylock Nuts
  • (4) 8mm Fender Washers