Atlas Truck Topper

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Starting Base Price: $14,300
AT Overland Truck Toppers are built to order based on your vehicle specifications and options you select. Please contact us to start your order, 888-323-5902.

Continuing our tradition of designing purposeful high-quality equipment for overland travel, AT Overland Equipment reveals the all-new Atlas™ truck top camper. The Atlas™ provides a durable, insulated and lightweight vertical pop-up shell for today’s fuel-efficient trucks, while still leaving room for individual customization.  The Atlas™ sleeps two with enough interior room for one to stand when another person is in the bed. The Atlas™ can be deployed with 100 lbs. of cargo on the roof.

Filling the void between the traditional truck topper and slide-in camper, one person can easily open the cavernous and functional interior in 60 seconds. 6’ 10” feet of headroom is available under the insulated composite roof and is the only vertical pop-up topper on the market with a window on each of the four tent walls. The vertical pop-up provides more comfortable leg room in bed than wedge style toppers for taller occupants.

The 360 lb Atlas™ is made from the same lightweight aluminum and honeycomb composite as the proven Habitat and Summit toppers. This advanced construction provides insulation while adding strength and a surface that can be fitted with flush-threaded fasteners for attaching a variety of gear. Opening and closing is facilitated by robust gas springs and remains stable in event of high winds or snow loads. The locking rear liftgate and top-latches keep gear secure. Double pane acrylic windows and skylights are available to let light in and keep weather out. These Euro-style openings feature retractable bug screens and thermal curtains. For external gear access, upward-opening weathertight locking cargo doors are available.

The 48″x 80″ (the length of a queen size bed) two piece sleeping platform features a 2.5″ thick mattress. Out of the way when not in use, it is easily deployed when it’s time for bed. There is enough room between the sleeping platform and the closed roof of the Atlas™ to leave bedding in place, making the Atlas™ amazingly convenient to use and easy to deploy. With the sleeping platform in place, the remaining open standing area of 48″ x 38″ allows another person to move around in the truck bed or access the sleeping platform without disturbing the sleeper.

The Atlas™ features a durable FMVSS compliant canvas tent that is breathable and waterproof. For cold weather, an optional FMVSS compliant, light-blocking, Thinsulate™ liner is available with matching window openings and a R value of 1.4 (34º to 36º heat retention). This thoughtful combination of materials makes the Atlas™ a comfortable space, whatever the weather.

AT Atlas Truck Topper


    • Easy 30 second deployment and stowage
    • Sleeps 2 standard
    • Built in two piece mattress 48” x 80” x 2”
    • Insulated sleeping platform and shell walls with carpet covering
    • All aluminum & composite construction
    • Roof can be walked on (600 lbs max)
    • Locking lift gate
    • Built in wiring raceways with double USB port and 12 volt automotive socket
    • 5 interior LED lights and 4 lift gate LED lights (amber colored)
    • Ruggedly designed for 4×4 travel
    • All season tent with no-see-um mesh windows, clear vinyl and privacy panels
    • Interior carpeting
    • Standard color: Clear coated aluminum.


    • Insulated aluminum composite panels
    • Water repellent, UV resistant Firesist awning fabric
    • Stainless Steel Hardware
    • .090” 5052 CNC formed aluminum
    • Base Weight: 360lbs
    • Roof max weight recommendation for opening 100lbs
    • 2.0” Hi-Density Foam Mattresses (two-pieces) measuring a total of 80” x 48”
    • Bed weight rating of 500lbs
    • 36” of headroom over bed area


    The AT ATLAS Truck Topper is available in the following configurations:

    CHEVY, DODGE RAM, FORD & GMC: 5’, 5.5’, 6’, 6.5’ & 8’ BEDS

    Chevy Colorado, 2004-2022; GMC Canyon, 2004-2022; Chevy Silverado, 1989-2022; GMC Sierra, 1989-2022; Dodge Ram, 1994–2022; Ford F150, F250 & F350, 1999–2022; Ford Ranger Gen 2, 2019-2022; Nissan Frontier, 2005-2022; Nissan Titan, 2003-2022; Gladiator 2020-2022

    TOYOTA: 5’, 5.5’, 6’ 6.5’ & 8’ BEDS

    Toyota Pick Up 1989 - 1994; Tacoma Gen 1, 1995-2004; Tacoma Gen 2, 2005-2014; Tacoma Gen 3, 2015-2022; Tundra T100, 1993-1998; Tundra Gen 1, 2000-2006; Tundra Gen 2, 2007-2021; Tundra Gen 3, 2022+

(Base finish is protective clear coat on raw 5052 aluminum, light surface scuffing can be expected from manufacturing handling. If a scuff free surface is required, paint option is recommended).

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